Jay Z caused controversy when comparing Beyoncé to the legendary Michael Jackson

Jay Z’s compliment to his wife Beyoncé is becoming a controversial topic in the online community, making Michael Jackson’s fans upset.

Recently, rapper Jay Z participated in a conversation with Alicia Keys and Rob Markman on the Spaces application on the Twitter platform. Here, they discuss Beyoncé’s amazing performance at the 2018 Coachella music festival . When talking about his wife, Jay Z gave her compliments. He said: “Beyoncé will be angry with me for these words but Michael Jackson has never performed at Coachella . I think she’s an evolution of Michael, because she’s been watching him since she was just 9 years old. Beyoncé is one of the greatest singers we have ever known.”

Jay Z caused controversy when he put Beyoncé on the “scale” with the legendary Michael Jackson

Jay Z’s comparison has sparked many mixed opinions on Twitter. However, fans of music legend Michael Jackson also seemed dissatisfied with this action of the male artist. Most fans think that Beyoncé is truly a talented star. However, Jay Z was too wordy and unsubtle when he put the female singer on the “scale” with the king of pop music. A fan of the Thriller singer spoke up: “His wife is truly a legend. But come on, Michael Jackson is on a completely different level. He did all of that without the presence of 

social networks and digital music platforms.”

Beyoncé presented the humanitarian award to Michael Jackson at the Radio Music Awards in 2003

Another person expressed their displeasure on Twitter: “I understand that Jay Z just wants to compliment his wife but commenting that Michael Jackson has never attended a famous concert like Coachella is nonsense. He did even more great things than that.” “The esteemed Michael Jackson doesn’t need to attend Coachella . He has twice as many fans as Beyoncé in an era where social media is still undeveloped. Jay Z should understand this,” another person commented.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are the most powerful couple in the American entertainment industry

In fact, Beyoncé has always admired Michael Jackson and his musical legacy. The owner of the “hit” Run the World has repeatedly expressed her affection and said that Michael Jackson is a great inspiration for her glorious career. Beyoncé is considered one of the most successful artists in the world . Throughout her career, she has owned 28 Grammy awards and countless other prestigious awards. The female singer married producer/rapper Jay Z in 2008. They became the most powerful couple in the American entertainment industry. In 2018, this artist and his wife entered the Forbes rich list with a total assets of 1.255 billion USD.

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