Kanye West Called Out For Being a ‘Bad Friend, Publicly Humiliating Taylor Swift, Beyoncé Which led to the Stars being Bullied

Kanye West is not someone you’d go to, to get correct information about anything.

In midst of all his claims about people – whether friend or foe, to just going all out trying to portray himself as a flawless person, West is probably one of the most unreliable people in the industry. Some might think this is yet another of his “bipolar” episode, but the rapper truly has no qualms about dissing people, no matter how close they are in real life.

Kanye West

Kanye West

The West-Swift-Kardashian Drama

Remember that 2009 VMAs when Kanye West completely ruined one of the most important nights for Taylor Swift? Yeah, no one’s forgetting that anytime soon. It is one’s own personal opinion if your favorite didn’t win an award you were hoping them to get. But it is a different thing altogether to walk up to the stage and belittle someone else’s achievements because of that.

Especially when you yourself are supposed to be a hardworking artist. To discredit someone else’s art in front of so many people, was not only childish but completely wrong on Kanye’s part.

kanye west taylor swift

The infamous West-Swift feud

The Swift-West drama didn’t end there, unfortunately. After KimYe got married, they started another tussle with the Bad Blood singer. This time was about a song where West allegedly took permission from Taylor Swift to use her name for one of his productions. Swift swiftly denied these claims, saying the lyrics of the song were misogynistic, and she never would have agreed to have West use her name for such a song. KimYe went on a social media witch hunt against the singer, which led to Taylor Swift getting a lot of hate from fans of the rapper as well as his then-wife.

Thankfully, we all know the truth now, which is simply that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were lying, and poor Taylor Swift got gunned in some completely unnecessary drama. I mean, we do love a good celeb brawl, but not ones that are so completely off the rocks.

Kanye West Once Humiliated His Best Friends Wife

kanye west

Kanye West did not even stop from dragging, Beyoncé and JayZ

Once upon a time Beyoncé and Kanye West used to be really close friends. And that was mostly because West and JayZ, Beyoncé’s husband, used to be the best of friends. But that friendship took a hit after the KimYe wedding. Beyoncé never could hide her disdain for Kim Kardashian and her publicized lifestyle. Rumor has it that Beyoncé even warned the rapper before the wedding, asking him to think before he takes such an important step.

But Kanye West does what Kanye West wants. He went and married the American socialite, and Beyoncé had to smile and keep her thoughts to herself. But soon an animosity between the two wives led to an estrangement between the two best friends. And things have not been the same since. The Donda rapper even went on to publicly call out Beyoncé, saying the Halo singer apparently refused to come to an award show if they gave the award to West instead of her.

Of course, this also turned out to be one of Kanye West’s many ridiculous claims. I mean, Beyonce clearly has more awards than shelf space at this point.

Many people on Twitter have called out the rapper multiple times, stating him to be a bad friend. Beyonce and JayZ are not the only people West has turned his back on when he felt like they didn’t see eye to eye. This has happened before with other artists as well, and will probably not stop anytime soon. I mean he clearly has it out for his ex-wife and her family currently.

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