Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Jay Z are rappers who joined the Illuminati secret society to destroy Christianity and sell their souls to the devil (Satan). These rappers are known by conspiracy theorists as the “Godfathers of the Illuminati Church”.

There may be rappers related to the Illuminati secret society, but there may also be people involved in evil sects, and specifically anti-Christianity and selling souls to Satan. Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Jay Z are examples.


Kim Kardashian’s husband is a traitor to God? Many of this notorious rapper’s tracks often mention paganism, mentioning Jesus with dark, ambiguous meanings. One of them is a track called “Jesus Walks”.


He also often wears clothes with mysterious designs and decorations and confusing patterns. In the track “Eyes Closed”, there is a rap where Kanye also says that he “sold his soul to the devil”.

Just as ancient Egyptian Pharaohs often compared themselves to God, Kanye West did the same by naming his 2013 album “Yeezus”, which sounds similar to the word “Jesus”.

He also released a “Modern Bible” with the same content as the original Christian Bible, except that every phrase mentioning “God” was replaced with the name “Kanye West”.


In the MV for the track “Love Me” featuring Drake and Future, Lil Wayne gave mystical descriptions. In one part of this MV, Lil Wayne also rolls his eyes upward, revealing white pupils, as well as a scene of a woman bathing in a tub full of blood.

Lil Wayne | Steckbrief, Bilder und News | GMX.AT

Some conspiracy theories suspect that Lil Wayne and Birdman often perform and display sexually explicit gestures in public.

3. JAY Z:

The husband of singer Beyonce is called the “Godfather of the Illuminati church” by conspiracy theorists, Jay Z is considered the creator of the mysterious clasped hands symbol now known around the world.

Many people believe that this symbol in ancient Egyptian culture means wanting to be protected and hold power.

Jay-Z - Một đầu óc kinh doanh sắc sảo - Tuổi Trẻ Online

In addition, the lyrics of Jay Z’s songs sometimes contain very confusing messages. In addition, many people suspected that he agreed to sell his soul to the devil because of his difficult background. Jay Z quickly changed his life and now owns a fortune of more than 550 million USD.

*Note: The Illuminati are not Satanists and do not worship Satan. The Illuminati are atheists, meaning they consider themselves gods. Illuminati is a secret society and Satanism is a cult, these two are different.

The Illuminati only borrows Satanism in the style of “borrowing the wind and breaking bamboo shoots” to carry out their nefarious schemes.

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