He also referenced his 2009 Grammy stunt, when he interrupted Taylor Swift accepting an award he said Beyonce should have won. “I went down seven years on behalf of you,” he said.

Shortly afterward, West entered a Los Angeles hospital for a week, after suffering exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

But now, they all may be rapping Kumbaya together. X17 spotted the West and Kardashian going for a visit.

“Kanye’s in a great place and Jay is a very mature and forgiving person,” a source told People. “The relationship he and Kanye have is very strong.”

Which may not be the case with West and Kardashian. While she is still recovering from being robbed at gunpoint in October in Paris (police arrested 17 suspects Monday), there are reports events are taking their toll on the couple’s marriage.

“Things are not great,” a source told People.“Kim and Kanye continue to spend time with the kids. They act friendly, but the passion seems to be missing.”

Here’s where I don’t make a marriage joke.

The pair was spotted out having sushi Monday night in Beverly Hills. So there’s that.