Kim Kardashian and the pain that hasn’t ended with the “hot” video

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is said to be calling on lawyers to help her prevent a sensitive video with her ex-lover Ray J from being leaked online.

“Kim Kardashian knew that Ray J had made other videos of the two of them. Some of them were extremely intimate. She told her lawyer that ‘there’s no way that would happen again,’” Kim Kardashian knew. To do that, they have to step over my body” – a source revealed to The Sun newspaper over the weekend.

Kim Kardashian’s side has not yet commented on this information. Daily Mail said it was unclear whether the “hot” video threatening the reality TV star was part of the second sex video on the hard drive that Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband, rapper Kanye West, bought from Ray J. .

Kim Kardashian and her endless pain with hot videos - Photo 1.

Kim Kardashian once suffered because of a sensitive video

In January 2022, when Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West, this male rapper still helped his ex-wife resolve problems from the past. In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Kanye West said that he personally went to get a laptop from Ray J.

“I brought the laptop back to her and she just cried. You know why she cried when she saw what was on the computer? Because, it showed how much she had been taken advantage of. It also shows how people didn’t love or respect her. They just saw her as a commodity” – Kanye West explained.

Later, Kim Kardashian’s spokesperson confirmed that Kanye West returned the laptop but denied that there was pornographic content in it. According to this person, there are no sex videos on the computer, only scenes from the plane when Kim Kardashian and Ray J were on the way to Mexico, restaurant scenes… Therefore, Kim Kardashian believes that there is no video. hot” Monday and hope everything surrounding the incident ends after 20 years.

Kim Kardashian and her endless pain with hot videos - Photo 2.

Kim Kardashian and ex-husband Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and her endless pain with hot videos - Photo 3.

Kim Kardashian and ex-lover Ray J

Kim Kardashian and Ray J once filmed themselves having sex during a vacation in Mexico for her 23rd birthday. The incident happened in 2002 and in 2007, Vivid Entertainment had this video in hand, releasing it with the title “Kim Kardashian, Superstar”.

The incident made Kim Kardashian miserable, and she filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment. But later, she withdrew her application and the two sides negotiated and settled.

“I was extremely miserable at that time, but usually when bad things happen to me, I have to try to encourage myself to overcome the sadness. I don’t think I will make the same mistake a second time.” ” – Kim Kardashian once shared.

However, the “ghost of the past” for her wrong actions does not seem to have let go of this reality TV star.

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