Kim Kardashian embarrassed by Kanye West’s n*de photo with girlfriend: How will I explain it to the kids

Kim Kardashian is “embarrassed and confused” by her ex-husband Kanye West’s recent actions after he was photographed with his pants down while on a yacht in Italy this week.

The Kardashians star, who was married to the Grammy winner from 2014 to 2022, reportedly believes “something is wrong” with West, who is currently on vacation with “wife” Bianca Censor.

Kardashian “didn’t know how to explain it all to the kids,” a source told The Sun after the Jesus Walks owner exposed her butt to tourists on neighboring boats while driving a river taxi on Venice’s famous canals.

“Kim has been so nervous about the newly released photos with Bianca – how can she explain it all to the kids?” an insider told the newspaper.

The source appears to be referring to recent photos of Kanye walking barefoot down the street with a bottle in hand, while Bianca left little room for the imagination wearing a jumpsuit that gave the illusion of nudity.

Kanye West continues to be fiercely criticized for appearing in public with his wife in strange outfits.

This American male singer, rapper, composer, and fashion designer is said to despise women and has extreme control over his wife or lover’s outfits.

Recently, paparazzi captured the sceneKanye Westand his wife Bianca Censori traveling to Venice – Italy. The couple’s outfits and actions became the subject of mixed debate.

Since getting married toKanye West, Bianca Censori appeared in public in revealing, bizarre outfits. Most recently, she wore a tight nude outfit, creating the visual effect of being naked.Kanye Westwears clothes that cover his body but when he sits back, he reveals his “butt” and makes offensive moves with his wife.

Kanye West's shocking antics with his wife - Photo 1.

Kanye West’s wife with “naked” outfit

Kanye West's shocking antics with his wife - Photo 2.

The couple’s bizarre fashion

Kanye West's shocking antics with his wife - Photo 3.

It has received many mixed opinions from the public

The fact that Bianca Censori wears a shocking outfit is unknown if it was Kanye West’s intention or not, but the singer’s ex-lovers and wives have all spoken up to complain about his habit of controlling his outfit.

Daily Mail writer Maureen Callahan criticized Kanye West for looking down on women, from controlling his clothing, to his offensive intimacy with his wife in public. Previously, Kim Kardashian – Kanye West’s ex-wife, complained that the singer made her feel insecure about her appearance and aesthetic taste.

“I always thought I had a good fashion style and good taste. However, he said I had the worst fashion style ever. He threw away most of my clothes. and replaced it with his own designs. He sent me an email telling me what to wear and what not to wear” – Kim Kardashian once said.

Kanye West's shocking antics with his wife - Photo 4.

Kim Kardashian when she was Kanye West’s wife

Both divorced in 2021, Kanye West dated actress Julia Fox but the relationship did not last long. “After our meeting, a few days later, all my clothes disappeared. I was informed that if I wanted to be seen walking with Kanye West in public, I needed to accept my lover’s requests” – Julia Fox tells.

Kanye West's shocking antics with his wife - Photo 5.

Kanye West and his lover Julia Fox. The two broke up after 1 month of dating

After that, the public saw Julia Fox’s appearance change significantly. She lost weight, wore tight leather clothes and other revealing and unique outfits. They broke up after a month of dating.

Currently, Bianca Censori also changes her style and appearance in the same way as Kim Kardashian and Julia Fox.

Maureen Callahan believes that Kanye West is a genius but at the same time shows signs of a mentally ill person. These extreme acts of misogyny need to be condemned and boycotted.

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