Kim Kardashian wears USD 18K crystal bra with pants in blurry new photos, fans call her ‘stunning and sensational’

Kim Kardashian made another bold fashion choice as she donned a teensy crystal bra from Gucci in recent set of blurry images. Here’s how netizens are reacting to it.

‘It’s all Gucci’: Kim Kardashian wears USD 18K crystal bra with pants in blurry new photos, fans call her ‘stunning and sensational’
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Kim Kardashian also her own skin care line titled SKKN (Instagram)
Kim Kardashian is not someone scared to bare it all. The reality star is confident in herself and enjoys taking fashion risks from time to time. She recently donned a crystal bra in a latest set of images and fans cannot get enough of how stunning she looks. Here’s a look at what she posted and how fans are reacting to her daring and bold look this time around.

Kim Kardashian wears USD 18K crystal bra with pants in new photos

Kim posted a series of images wearing a Gucci crystal bra designed by Alessandro Michele which is reported to cost around $18,000. It was featured in the 2019 runway campaign and is quite expensive for the teensy bit of length it has. The founder of Skkn paired it up with Gucci silk-satin wide-legged pants that cost $1,650, as well as silk wrap that costs $3,600, to layer it all up. “It’s all Gucci,” she captioned the images, referring to the look being all Gucci.

In the first image, Kim poses looking at the camera while the crystals from the bra flare and shine. In the second photo she is posing for a selfie on her phone and the blurry picture sheds further light on the look. The next flaunts her hair better with the focus on her high braid as she sits on the bed and shows her the side angle to her face. The last image is the boldest of the lot as she lies down near her bed and splays herself giving a full view of the outfit.

Reactions to Kim Kardashian’s crystal bra images

Meanwhile, several public figures commented on these images. Sheree Whitfield wrote, “Effortless [heart eyes emoji] [fire emoji].” Noah Cyrus said, “Purrrr.” Lala replied with three heart eyes emoji. Olivia Pierson noted, “Last pic [heart eyes emoji].” One user felt, “Always [fire emoji].” Another replied, “Stunning and sensational Kim [x5 kiss emojis].”

Meanwhile, the Skims founder was recently spotted in France for Paris Fashion Week. She wore a bubblegum pink slip dress to Victoria Beckham’s fashion show which was closed by Kim’s sister Kendall Jenner. Also in attendance was Kris Jenner, Kim and Kendall’s mother. Victoria’s runway show also saw her family making an appearance including her husband David Beckham, daughter Harper, son Cruz, son Brooklyn, and daughter-in-law Nicola.

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