Lady Gaga became a research subject at an American university

Lady Gaga, an American pop star, is famous not only for her musical talent but also for her ability to shock. 

Only 24 years old, but she has already won all the prestigious music awards and now this singer’s appeal is starting to spread even to the academic world at American universities.

Laydi gaga is famous for her unconventional expressionsLaydi gaga is famous for her unconventional expressions DR

Lady Gaga’s name and career are taken as a subject for students to research. Starting early next year, the University of South Carolina (USC) will teach a new subject called “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame”. The above information has been announced to the school’s students.

Professor Mathieu Deflem, head of this new department, asserted that: “The case of Lady Gaga’s reputation from a sociological perspective is worth studying, especially in terms of mass culture and the conditions for becoming famous today ». Professor Deflem has been interested in researching pop culture since the 1960s. He considers himself a passionate fan of music diva Lady Gaga, the singer of outrageous outfits, sky-high shoes and videos. Disruptive clip that upsets all principles.

For the past 15 years, Professor Deflem has been teaching about issues of terrorism and international law. Regarding Lady Gaga, he explained, “Lady Gaga’s popularity is a phenomenon that is attracting special attention among students.” This 48-year-old university professor has met Lady Gaga five times and attended 29 of her performances. He affirmed that the process of quickly emerging and becoming a world star like Lady Gaga is a unique phenomenon to date.

« Her reputation was formed over the past two years in a society very different from that of previous decades. The influence of the internet and new technologies has played a particularly important role in the famous case of Lady Gaga». The singer’s first album was released in 2008, including the song “Poker Face”, which has sold 15 million copies worldwide and won most awards.

On her internet address, Lady Gaga recounts her career history since she was a “precocious” child, once in a luxury restaurant in the eastern United States, she climbed up on the dining table to dance. He continued to imitate until he became a multi-talented singer who composed and performed his own works with the unique performance style he has now. At the age of 17, the young singer studied at the art department of New York University and three years later signed her first contract with a record publisher.

Lady Gaga’s slogan on her website is “culture is an art” and affirms her desire to share her fame with everyone. She announced: «I want to invite all of you to the festival. I want everyone to feel part of this way of life.”

Over the past several months, this female singer has been involved in many fronts: In September she became the center of gossip when she attended the MTV Award ceremony in a costume made of raw meat. A few weeks later, she embarked on a crusade against gay taboos in the military and made shocking statements to 5,000 people in Maine (Northeast). Her second album titled « Born this way » will be released in 2011.

USC students seem very interested in the new course studying Lady Gaga. Kirk Broome, a business science student, said: I think the Lady Gaga course will have a positive effect because it shows that the school’s diversity can offer subjects that are not standard. squid “. I don’t know if it will become a serious subject or not. This will take time, but clearly this has never happened to any singer in the world.