Lady Gaga compares social networks to “the public toilet of the Internet”

Lady Gaga was rumored to have a fake love story with Bradley Cooper and quashed the rumors while mercilessly scolding those who gave false information.

With the success of A Star is Born and the role being so perfect, it’s no wonder that Lady Gaga is rumored to have a fake love movie with her co-star Bradley Cooper. However, instead of choosing to stay silent and not accept anything, Lady chose to face the rumors and even scolded them back.

Lady Gaga thinks social media is the 'toilet of the internet', Entertainment News - AsiaOne

After confirming there was no romance with Bradley, when the press asked her about the rumors, Lady responded with a roll of her eyes and a shrug: “Quite frankly, social networks are like public toilets.” plus of the Internet”.

Lady Gaga describes social media as "the toilet of the internet" when asked about her and Bradley Cooper

Immediately after the above comment, the 32-year-old singer said that she and Bradley are both artists and their job is to do the best they can for their roles.

“As performers, it was important that we both connected with each other at some point. When we sang those emotional songs, we sang them the way we wanted the listener to feel” – Lady Gaga said.

She then added: “And I guess we both did it very well.”

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