Lady Gaga: “It’s stupid to say I plagiarized Madonna”

The quirky female singer spoke out for the first time against the embarrassing plagiarism suspicion recently.

Since it first aired in February, Born This Way, the opening single for Lady Gaga’s new album, has been dogged by suspicions of plagiarizing the song Express Yourself , Madonna’s hit in 1989. Although the incident is quite controversial, The quirky female singer never spoke up to clarify, but only said that the Queen of Pop sent her an email supporting her. Recently, after more than 2 months, the above “controversy” was revived by a reporter from NME magazine in an interview with Gaga and she angrily responded to the embarrassing accusations that were placed on her during her time. last time.

Lady Gaga: It's stupid to say I plagiarized Madonna - Picture 1

Madonna has never officially spoken out about Gaga’s plagiarism suspicion and her representative also denied that she sent emails supporting the junior female singer.

The owner of the hit Bad Romance frankly said: “I am not stupid enough to release a plagiarized song in such a foolish way. I am a musician, I have composed many songs. How could I try to release a plagiarized product and think I could outshine everyone? That’s so stupid. Asking me whether I plagiarized or not is ridiculous. I dare to look you straight in the eye and say that I am not stupid or foolish enough to think you are stupid or foolish enough to not realize that I stole the melody of a song.”

Lady Gaga: It's stupid to say I plagiarized Madonna - Picture 2

Despite being suspected of plagiarism, “Born This Way” still dominates a series of charts, the most remarkable of which is the achievement of staying at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 6 weeks.

“If you put the two songs next to each other, you can see that the only similarity between them is the chord progression. That thing appeared in disco music 50 years ago. Just because I’m the only artist in the last 25 years to have a song like this reach Top 40 radio doesn’t mean I’m plagiarizing. It just means I’m too smart. Sorry for that.” – Gaga “thoughtfully” explained.

She continued: “I was really shocked by this suspicion of plagiarism… When you send a message like that to the world , there’s no way something so pure and young could be wrong.” Okay.”

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