Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt Admitted They Are Not Crazy Enough to Follow Tom Cruise’s Footsteps And Go Undercover to Watch Movies in Theatre

Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are two of the most recognized stars in the world. They have won Academy Awards for their performances and have films that have earned billions of dollars at the box office. Both actors have a fan following that spans the globe.

The two have starred together in the Quentin Tarantino feature Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, in which they shared the screen as a fading star and his stuntman. The duo was also joined by Barbie star Margot Robbie who starred as yesteryear actress Sharon Tate. When asked if the trio watched their own films on the big screen, like their contemporary Tom Cruise, they replied with a resounding no.

Why Won’t Leonardo DiCaprio And Brad Pitt Watch Their Own Films?

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

Between the two of them, actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt have three Academy Awards and eight Golden Globe Awards. The stars have made a mark in the world as unstoppable forces when it comes to acting and have constantly chosen scripts that are not only box-office successes but become a huge part of pop culture and Hollywood.

In the film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, in which they star together, there is a scene set on the day of her murder that sees Margot Robbie’s Sharon Tate go to the cinema and watch her own film amidst the crowd.

The audience sees her enjoying the experience as well as her performance, giving her a very human moment. During the promotions for the film, the trio were asked whether they watched their own films in such a way. They immediately said no, citing that with the advent of smartphones, it was impossible to get privacy similar to that of the 60s.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio had also mentioned earlier in interviews that he avoids watching his films because he is unable to judge if the film is award-worthy.

He said,“I can now look at movies I did 10 years ago with real judgment. So, whether people think something’s award-worthy, whether it gets good or bad reviews, it’s all a crazy blur because you’re so attached with the process of making this movie.”

While these stars might not be willing to watch their work, the ‘savior of cinema’ is the exact opposite.

Tom Cruise’s Trip To The Cinemas

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible star Top Cruise is the opposite when it comes to watching films at the cinema. The actor has claimed on multiple occasions that he is a huge fan of the movies and that he loves the theatrical experience. In fact, the actor was branded as the ‘savior of cinema’ by the director Steven Spielberg after the release of Top Gun: Maverick drove the audience to theatres after the pandemic.

He has claimed that he watches a film every day and that he gets very analytical about the process. He mentioned,“I love it, I love movies, I’ll watch scenes of films the way some people will listen to like tracks of music…I’ll just go and I’ll pull up scenes to look at how they shot it…any kind of movie, I just admire the structure of the scene, the performance. I watch most of the films that come out all over the world, and I go back and look [at others].”

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

The actor also watches films among the general public while going to theatres in disguise. In 2021, he made news when he watched Christopher Nolan’s Tenet in the theatres. He went to the cinema with a baseball cap to hide himself.

He has revealed that he has done this multiple times,“Sometimes they spot me. When I’m sitting next to them, they’ll kind of look over. I’ll do some photos and sign some autographs.”

While there is no comparison between the stardom of Tom Cruise to that of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, their reasons for avoiding the cinematic experience due to their fame do not seem to hinder Cruise’s love for the theatre.

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