Lizzo’s $40 Million Empire is in Shambles After Disturbing Allegations by Backup Dancers Made Beyonce Fire the 35-Year-Old Singer From Her Project

The entertainment industry is a roller coaster like no other considering how quickly it changes the life of artists who manage to deliver what fans are looking for.

Star singer Lizzo.
Star singer Lizzo.

In the same way, the field that is so dependent on how an individual is perceived by the larger public is capable of bringing the same artist down painfully the moment the wind of favor changes direction.

At the moment, Lizzo is experiencing a whirlwind ride like no other star ever since the allegations of s*xual harassment and discrimination came to light.

Lizzo Facing Backlash After Disturbing Allegations

Ever since her singles Juice and Good As Hell climbed the billboard charts in 2019, Lizzo saw an enormous rise in the hype regarding her prospects in the music scene.

Further, her supposed fight against body shaming and championing of women’s empowerment invited more praise, following, and most importantly money from different sources.

Beyonce performing in the Renaissance World Tour.

Beyonce performing in the Renaissance World Tour.

It’s understood the 35-year-old has amassed over $40 million net worth due to numerous tours, royalties, and brand deals. But it appears the air is sneaking out of the hype balloon after Lizzo‘s three former backup dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez filed a lawsuit against her (Melissa Viviane Jefferson), her production company Big Grrrl Big Touring, and her dance captain Shirlene Quigley.

The lawsuit that was filed in California superior court on Tuesday suggests Lizzo created a hostile work environment and forced plaintiffs to take part in s*x acts. There are other serious allegations as well against the three defendants.

Lizzo is still in the early days of this storm and is already seeing repercussions. Hours after the news of the lawsuit broke, Beyonce shifted herself away from the controversial Truth Hurts singer by omitting her name from her song Break My Soul (Queen’s Remix) at the Renaissance World Tour.

Early versions of the performance saw Beyonce pay tribute to Lizzo alongside other barrier-breaking female artists like Betty Davis, Solange Knowles, Erykah Badu, and Kelly Rowl. However, in her latest show, she instead repeated Erykah Badu’s name four times.

How This Lawsuit Could Potentially Destroy Lizzo’s Empire

Getting snubbed by Beyonce could be Lizzo’s least of problems, as the disturbing claims threaten to knock down her $40m worth empire.

Grammy winner Lizzo.

Grammy winner Lizzo.

Thus far, Lizzo has proven to be an attractive option for many brands who want to appear progressive to their target audience thanks to the singer’s image of being a poster girl for body positivity.

PR expert Nick Ede has predicted that ‘disappointed’ bosses will be concerned over the recent development that puts a question mark over the whole persona of the apparent feminist artist.

“Lizzo is a celebrity who has always been appealing to so many because of her inclusive nature and unashamed attitude towards authenticity. She has built up a brand that has millions of fans.”

Ede further added,

“I think ultimately her brand is strong and her hones refreshing and this will allow her to ride the storm but big brands and collaborators will probably tread carefully for a while until the situation is resolved as they want to make sure their brand is protected and not aligned with someone who are not likeminded.”

It must be noted that Lizzo – who has collaborated with brands like Urban Decay, Dove, and Yitty shapewear among others over the years – has denied these allegations through an Instagram post.

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