Losing Neymar due to injury, FIFA had to pay a large amount of money to Al Hilal

Al Hilal will receive $8 million in compensation from FIFA. This is an insurance policy called FIFA’s Club Protection Program (CPP).

Saudi Arabia ‘s Al-Hilal Club   has just confirmed that Neymar suffered a knee ligament injury and had to go on the operating table. This will keep him away from the field for at least 8 months, according to experts.

Al-Hilal’s announcement about the injury of the Brazilian player in the match against Uruguay on October 18:  “Medical tests confirmed an anterior cruciate ligament injury and a meniscus tear in Neymar’s knee. England.” He will have to undergo surgery and a long treatment process. Come back stronger, Neymar!”.

According to Marca, FIFA has an insurance policy called the Club Protection Program (CPP). Accordingly, this agency will pay the club whose player is injured for 28 days to a year (during the national team gathering) with a maximum of 8 million USD.

Eduardo Carlezzo, a sports lawyer, legal representative for proceedings before FIFA, UEFA and the International Court of Arbitration for Sports said: “The total  amount of this program will be allocated annually to club in case of injury is 80 million euros. Therefore, any compensation claim of Al-Hilal will be met within this limit”.

Sports - Losing Neymar due to injury, FIFA had to pay a large amount of money to Al Hilal

In the 0-2 loss to Uruguay in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, Neymar suffered a serious injury. Photo: Reuters.

Mr. Carlezzo pointed out that FIFA has a maximum one-year insurance coverage for injuries and the compensation amount is limited to 7.5 million euros (more than 194 billion VND), equivalent to more than 20,500 euros/day when a player cannot competition.

This means that Neymar’s parent club, Al Hilal, will receive the highest compensation. This is also a rare case where FIFA is forced to spend up to 8 million USD to compensate the host club for an injured player.

However, this amount of money is not worth anything compared to the compensation the Saudi Arabian Club pays to  Neymar . The Brazilian player receives a salary of up to 350 million USD under the contract with Al Hilal. That’s not to mention the 90 million USD transfer fee they paid to PSG.

It is worth mentioning that, since going to Saudi Arabia to play football, Neymar has continuously encountered difficulties. This player missed Al Hilal’s first four matches due to a calf injury. After that, he played 5 matches for Al Hilal and scored 1 goal. With Neymar out of action for a long time, Al Hilal lost heavily on this investment.

There is news that Al Hilal is looking for a replacement for Neymar to continue maintaining the team’s strength. Obviously, Al Hilal has reason to be disappointed with the Neymar deal, and they feel like they made a mistake in this plan. Saudi Arabia Club was very patient waiting for him to return, but after only 2 assists, he continued to get injured.

Sharing about the serious injury, Neymar said:  “This is truly a very sad moment, even the saddest in my career. I am a strong person but right now, I need my friends and relatives more. ever.

It’s not easy to overcome injury and surgery. It was even more difficult when I first returned to the field after 4 months out. No matter what, I still put my trust in God. The Almighty will help me come back stronger. I have such confidence. Thank you everyone for your encouragement over the past few days.”

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