Messi suddenly “criticized” Al Hilal’s 1 billion euros, signing for 2 years with Inter Miami

Leo Messi was announced to have rejected Al Hilal’s offer of 1 billion euros for 2 years from Saudi Arabia, agreeing to sign a 2-year contract with Inter Miami.

Transfer expert Guillem Balague briefly updates the future of the legendary number 10: Lionel Messi has decided, his next stop is Inter Miami.

Messi refused Al Hilal's 'unthinkable' offer to choose an easier life, more suitable for his wife and children

Messi refused Al Hilal’s ‘unthinkable’ offer to choose an easier life, more suitable for his wife and children

Gerard Romero further clarified: Done, Messi will not return to  Barca  this summer!

Journalist Abadellah Boulma provided more: Leo has verbally agreed with the American professional football club, with David Beckham as co-owner.

According to L’Equipe, Messi rejected an ‘unbelievable’ offer of 1 billion euros for a 2-year contract from Al Hilal, the team that set the deadline for the number 10’s final answer to be June 6.

The reason for the Argentine player’s last-minute ‘turn around’ was because of his wife and children. Because “ they cannot imagine what life is like there with their children. Their families will not be able to settle down in the Gulf desert .”

After having to leave Barca in 2021 to start a new life in Paris, Messi’s family had a hard time adapting, let alone moving to Saudi Arabia for 2 years.

Therefore, even though Al Hilal offered a lot of money, the family still won with Messi.

Beckham's Inter Miami cannot have a huge offer like Al Hilal, but it also has a financial package attractive enough to Messi

Beckham’s Inter Miami cannot have a huge offer like Al Hilal, but it also has a financial package attractive enough to Messi

Compared to Al Hilal, Inter Miami’s offer cannot be compared in terms of money but still offers a financial package enough to attract the former Barca captain.

According to Daily Mail, Messi’s deal to Miami involves the two largest commercial partners of the American professional soccer tournament: Apple TV, the current broadcast rights owner, and Adidas, the tournament’s clothing sponsor. fight.

There is information that Messi will receive a portion of the revenue from these two units when he is present in the tournament. There are also rumors that the contract proposal allows Messi to buy shares in an MLS club at a set price.

L’Equipe also announced that, joining Inter Miami, Messi will also have the ability to return to Barca on loan for 6-12 months.

Latest update from Relevo’s Matte Moretto, Messi will sign a 2-year contract with Inter Miami.

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