Netizens React to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s People’s Choice Awards Nominations.NH

Here’s what the people really think of Taylor and Travis’ PCA nods.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce both nominated for the people's Choice Awards

Image source: Instagram/Travis Kelce, Instagram/Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce each landed nominations for the 2024 People’s Choice Awards and fans have a lot to say about it. The annual awards show set to take place on February 18, 2024, has several A-listers in the list of nominees for different categories.

However, power couple Taylor and Travis remain the most talked-about. Not only do they have six nominations between them, but should the couple attend the awards show together, it would mark their red carpet debut.

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What Fans Think of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s People’s Choice Awards Nominations

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce gameday smooch

Image source: Instagram/Patrick Regan

The growing anticipation over Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s possible joint appearance at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards has raised many wild speculations.

Leading the trail is the possibility that the power couple may in fact skip the award show altogether to honor Taylor’s scheduled international leg of the Eras Tour in Melbourne, Australia. Regardless, tongues have been wagging about the couple’s nominations in their respective categories.

Taylor Swift received nods in five categories including Female Artist of the Year, Concert Tour of the Year, Social Celebrity of the Year, Movie of the Year, and Pop Artist of the Year. Meanwhile, Travis Kelce snagged one 2024 People’s Choice Award nomination for Athlete of the Year.

Having the most talked about couple receive the PCA honors among other top celebrities left fans excited, utilizing various platforms to share their thoughts. One Reddit user wrote,

“Taylor and Travis winning awards together would be couple goals.”

Some fans believed Travis Kelce only landed his People’s Choice Awards nomination because of his link to Taylor Swift. According to most, he would have remained an athlete unknown in the world of pop culture without his girlfriend. Hence, they believed his love affair with the most celebrated artist today swayed the majority of his votes. A comment read,

I noticed he’d been nominated so I voted for him but to be fair he’s the only one I’ve really heard of. (That’s only because of Taylor though).”

However, some fans came to Travis Kelce’s defense, pointing out he already made a name for himself and even won previous awards long before his Taylor Swift era. One Redditor stressed,

“Before people think Kelce is nominated solely for being connected with Taylor. The guy won the Super Bowl, co-hosted a popular podcast that is inclusive, hosted SNL, and has become the articulate face for getting vaccinated. He’s had a pretty big year and deserves consideration for transcending his sport.”

Another fan added,

“Kelce also won a Nickelodeon Award pre-Taylor as well. This isn’t his first rodeo with non-football awards shows.”

Simone Biles and Travis Kelce Contend for the Better Athlete

Most fans compared Travis’ achievements to Simone Biles in the world of athletics. They insisted the gymnast, who was also nominated, better deserved the Athlete of the Year award. While many agreed, some fans admitted they had reservations, especially after the latest controversy involving her husband’s description of himself as the “catch” in their marriage. One fan wrote,

“Simone’s tweets after all the husband stuff. I can’t bring myself to vote for her after that so Travis it is.”

Another Reddit user noted,

“Had Simone won gold this year, I would’ve voted for her but winning the Super Bowl, hosting SNL, and being the well-spoken face of vaccines gave Kelce the edge for me.”

Others were simply glad about Taylor Swift’s many recognitions at this year’s People’s Choice Awards, and the overall female representation. One comment read,

“Love seeing all the female nominees in some of these categories! We are truly in the era of the pop girlies.”

Taylor Swift has indeed opened up a new era in pop culture and beyond with her record-breaking Eras Tour. The merging of music and sports via her relationship with Travis Kelce has especially led many to view both artistic dimensions from new perspectives.