New drama: Cardi B arranged to declare war on Nicki Minaj’s fans and the surprising truth

The battle between the two most popular female rappers today has a new part.

The relationship between the two most popular female rappers in the music industry today – 

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj 

is always a hot topic that always receives enthusiastic discussion from the online community. Everyone thought that after the scandalous “sandal fight” for a while, there would be no more noisy conflicts between the two girls, that is until you hear the story of Cardi B dating Nicki Minaj’s fan . “decisive battle”

 on November 8.

It is known that the source of the incident stems from Nicki’s latest music product with female singer  KAROL G called Tusa

 . After the official MV had just been aired, the owner of the hit I Like It immediately took to Twitter to share a status line full of “hidden meaning”: “Only because I refused, she was able to participate. ” Needless to say, without needing to specifically name any individual, everyone understands that the mother of one child is gloating that her senior is only the second choice, and because she refused, Nicki just had the opportunity to participate in the above project.

Nicki Minaj And Cardi B Are Not Happy About Instagram Hiding 'Likes' |  ETCanada.com

Without waiting for Nicki Minaj’s crew to speak up, Barz (Nicki Minaj’s fanclub) has already come up with counter-arguments to defend the idol. Prominent among them, a fan posted a clip online with the address where he was standing to make an appointment with the emerging female rapper to talk about it. And so Cardi B didn’t hesitate… got in the car to find that “lucky” guy that night. The two sides repeatedly filmed clips challenging and threatening each other, but when the female rapper arrived, this anti-fan quickly… retreated.

Immediately after this information, many different news sources turned the above story into a hot topic on all forums, making the already bad relationship between the two female artists even worse. And the truth turns out to be different from what we thought: this whole “talking” meeting was fake. The two (Cardi B and the other fan) had talked before and he had never been a fan of Nicki Minaj. All clips surrounding the above incident also disappeared quickly.

The story between the two girls has been pushed too far.

Through this incident, we can see that the online dramas we read do not always reflect the truth. Through just a clip and a few tweets, fans from both sides immediately started a “war of words”, pushing the matter too far, affecting the relationship between the artists. Hopefully in the future, people who love both girls can calmly consider the whole story before taking action.

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