Nicki Minaj is very ambitious when expressing her intention to “dominate the world” and “build an empire” for herself.

Nicki Minaj wants to rule the world

Nicki Minaj often appears with cumbersome, bright, colorful outfits like a cartoon character, but she almost “transformed” when she posed for a new image for the cover of Elle magazine . Nicki Minaj has had a big change with lighter makeup. Nicki also had to admit that she was shocked to see herself in these photos.

Nicki Minaj wants to rule the world 1
Nicki Minaj on the April cover of Elle magazine

Nicki Minaj wants to rule the world 2

The 30-year-old star shows off her famous curves in magazines looking like a Bond Girl in 007 with a black leather jacket and gentle, nude-toned makeup. The American Idol

judge opened up about being bullied as a child and how she dealt with it: “From a very young age, I was constantly bullied. Mean girls have made my life hell.” “We came to America from another country to live, so my brother and I were always noticed. That’s really difficult. Therefore, I have always created a wall for myself to protect myself because I am afraid that when I am close to someone, I will easily be attacked. It’s so sad.”

Nicki Minaj wants to rule the world 3

Nicki Minaj wants to rule the world 4

Nicki Minaj also shared her ambition: “Initially, my goal in joining the entertainment industry was just to buy my mother a house. Now I realize, if I really focus on my career and know how to business, I can build my own empire . “

“I’m thinking about the huge fortune I will leave to my children and grandchildren in the future. They can be proud of me and they will go to college together. So, dominating the world to contribute to my family.” My family is the biggest goal right now , ” Nicki Minaj eagerly shared.