Nicki Minaj threatened Cardi B after the fight: “If you touch the wrong person, you will die!”

Nicki Minaj said that if Cardi B had touched someone else, she could have lost her life.

On the recent Queen Radio Monday radio show, Nicki Minaj

 officially spoke out after the fight
 with Cardi B, even threatening that if her female colleague continued to play such violent tricks with others, she could die.

Nicki said: “If you touch the wrong person, you will die. Absolutely. And do you people sit here and see that as a joke? I’m not like those girls in strip clubs or like on TV shows.” “It’s not the real picture. My money is very powerful.”

Nicki Minaj threatened Cardi B after the fight: If you touch the wrong person, you will definitely die!  - Photo 1.

Nicki Minaj threatens to take Cardi B’s life.

According to TMZ, Nicki meant that other people might be more aggressive towards Cardi B if she acted as violently towards them as she did towards Nicki.

Nicki added that she felt humiliated by Cardi B’s attack on her over the weekend. The female rapper also affirmed that she never said anything negative about Kulture – Cardi’s daughter, even though Cardi’s side said so. Nicki says she never comments on other people’s ability to take care of their children.

According to TMZ’s source, Cardi confronted Nicki at the Harper’s Bazaar party to clarify “the false rumors Nicki is spreading”. Cardi claimed that Nicki had gossiped about her poor mothering abilities.

Cardi tried to attack Nicki but was then stopped by security staff. So the female rapper took off her shoe and threw it at Nicki. After the fight, Cardi B left the party with bare legs, a torn dress revealing her buttocks and a swollen forehead.

Nicki Minaj threatened Cardi B after the fight: If you touch the wrong person, you will definitely die!  - Photo 2.

The female rapper of the hit song “I Like It” then took to Instagram to denounce Nicki: “I overlooked a lot of things! I let you secretly say bad things about me, I let you make up stories about me… But when you When it comes to my child, I can’t help but comment on my ability to be a mother! I’ve worked hard and come a long way to success! People like you only dare to talk loud when rapping But in real life, he’s cowardly!”.

As for Nicki, she firmly denies those accusations. She considered Cardi’s actions to be a “farce”.

In addition, Nicki also hinted that Cardi had to bribe DJs and radio stations to play her songs, and also criticized Cardi’s ability to compose music: “Who are you mad at? Are you mad at me?” “Do you know the feeling of sitting in a room for hours composing rap music? You’ve invaded my field. I’ve never had to sleep with a DJ to get my music played.”