PETA Turns a Blind Eye to Kim Kardashian Allegedly Mistreating Her Dogs as $1.8B Reality TV Star is “Anti-Fur and Mostly Vegan”

With the arrival of the New Year, Kim Kardashian does not seem to be getting rid of controversies.

After being dragged into her ex-husband Kanye West’s controversies now she has fallen into another. A recent TikTok video shared by Kim K showing where her two Pomeranians’ living space resulted in criticisms from some of her fans. The video got viral as her pets seemed to be living in a garage. Although there were luxurious soft beds and decorations all around the fact that it was inside a garage did not sit right with many. Even PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) responded after the video got viral. But their response was mild as they consider the American socialite to be against animal cruelty because she is a “vegan” and “anti-fur”. She took down the video since.

Kim Kardashian’s Viral TikTok Video Concerning her Pet Dogs Has her Fans Divided

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

American socialite Kim Kardashian is got embroiled in yet another controversy recently. She shared a video of the living space for her two Pomeranians Sushi and Sake. As is predictable from the Kardashians, the space included soft beds, a Christmas set-up with a mini Christmas tree, stockings, etc. However, although everything looked amazing the fact that the pets were being kept in the garage infuriated some people.

Kim Kardashian

According to some social media users, pets were to be kept inside the house rather than outside.

Kim Kardashian Deleted Video Screenshot

Kim Kardashian Deleted Video of Pets in Garage

The situation worsened after the SKIMS owner deleted the video soon after. From both her and her daughter North West’s account. nonetheless, some of her fans are defending Kim K. They pointed out that being a billionaire her garage was way more luxurious than many average homes.

How Did PETA Respond?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Soon after the video got viral, PETA, or People for Ethical Treatment of Animals also responded. The president of the organization Lisa Lange told Page Six,

“Knowing that Kim Kardashian is anti-fur and mostly vegan, we are hoping hard that she does not relegate her dogs to live in a garage”

Lange also gave information about pets saying they required safety and love more than “soft beds” and decorative stuff. And according to her, dogs being “social pack animals” required loving people around them. However, PETA is not taking any direct action at present. They are hoping Kim K will understand the situation and improve on it with another arrangement.

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