Proposed to be printed on Argentina’s currency, Messi expressed his love for his homeland in need

After the historic 2022 World Cup championship, Argentina decided to print Messi’s image on its national currency.

Argentina has taken an extremely sacred action when it is expected to print money with the image of Lionel Messi as a commemorative milestone for the recent 2022 World Cup championship .

According to El Financiero, by being widely known for the number 10 shirt, the face of the striker born in 1987 will be printed on a 1,000 Peso bill (about 5 pounds).

Worth mentioning, Lionel Messi is not the only person honored on this banknote because Argentina’s 1,000 Peso bill is expected to have the words La Scaloneta – Coach Lionel Scaloni’s nickname.

Printed on Argentine currency, Messi shared the emotional message 235100

The expected image of the 1,000 Peso bill features Messi and Argentina’s 2022 World Cup championship. Photo: internet

This is not the first time the country of Tango has produced money to celebrate the World Cup championship. Previously, in 1978, Argentina also printed a coin to commemorate the first time they stood at the top of the football world at the national level.

Immediately after this information, superstar Lionel Messi shared a very emotional message on his personal social network page.

Accordingly, the owner of the title of best player of the 2022 World Cup posted a picture of himself celebrating with the Argentine people on the street with the status line: “Don’t try to  figure it out. Argentina, through the good and the bad, TE AMO”  – Roughly translated: Don’t try to figure it out, I always love Argentina whether good or bad.” 

It is known that the message posted by the owner of 7 Ballon d’Or titles wanted to refer to the fact that the financial situation of his homeland is very difficult. In fact, Argentina is experiencing record inflation and its peso is devaluing like never before in history.

One day after winning the 2022 World Cup, Messi and his teammates at the Albiceleste were present in his hometown to hold a parade to “show off” the gold cup. However, the fact that up to 4 million Argentines poured into the streets to celebrate caused the entire team’s bus to be completely clogged.

Printed on Argentine currency, Messi shared the emotional message 235101

The historic parade of Messi and his teammates could not be completed due to the large number of fans around. Photo: internet

Later, the parade was canceled due to congestion and it was discovered that superstar Lionel Messi was taken by helicopter to his hometown of Rosario before being picked up by his wife in a private car.