‘Queen of violence’ – Cardi B: Used to be a dancer, often raped and robbed men to make money!

Cardi B’s livestream accidentally revealed her dark past, startling fans.

tracking. trackingIt is known that a group of fans who met Cardi B in the elevator asked to take a photo with her, but she refused on the grounds that her appearance was not neat. That’s why a girl couldn’t control her emotions and shouted loudly at her, causing a fierce fight to break out.


Last Sunday, while livestreaming with fans on Instagram, Cardi B, in the heat of the moment, accidentally blurted out all the “bad” stories from her past. bitter when she was still a dancer at a nightclub.

The female rapper shared “everything” about her difficult time, life was not as good as death, so in order to survive she was forced to use all kinds of tricks in the hope of finding a glimmer of light to save her life. this darkness: “I have to work as a dancer at strip clubs: Oh someone wants to have fun tonight with me, well let’s go to the hotel! Then I drugged them until they passed out, then robbed them of money and belongings. I used to do things like that!” .

After the livestream ended, netizens had the opportunity to “race” each other to fiercely criticize Cardi B. Even more suspicious, they even created a hashtag called #SurvivingCardiB (imitating the documentary that accused R.Kelly of pedophilia, Surviving R.Kelly) to put her on the “blacklist”. The actions and words of the 26-year-old female rapper were criticized when many people said that it was not only dirty and vulgar, but also went against the ethics of a famous person. So Cardi B needs to be responsible for her evil actions instead of sharing them widely with the youth community.

In just a very short period of time the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB began to become more popular in the US with tens of thousands of related shares. This tag even became a “trending” due to the intervention of Nicki Minaj fans and Lana Del Rey fans . Not only that, they also believe that Cardi B and her sister Hennessy have defamed these two artists and the battle is getting fiercer and fiercer between fans.

“Do you think you’re happy or do you think you won’t get beaten up in real life? Maybe one day I’ll meet you.”


“You think people don’t know what you’re doing? If I met you in real life, I would beat you…”

Another part believes that it was Cardi B’s younger sister who started the trouble by constantly adding fuel to the fire and cursing the fandom of Lana Del Rey and Nicki Minaj . Anger is gradually overwhelming the thoughts of some fans, many rumors say that fans of these two people have “matched their swords” and hired virtual accounts to “boost” the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB to the top of searches .

As the scandal became more serious and complicated, Cardi B told her fans that she would quit Twitter for a few days. However, just a few days later, many people discovered that she was online again and posted a letter on Instagram to clarify with her fans. After being posted, that letter quickly became a “lucrative dish” for public opinion to scrutinize and “watch for drama”:

“Yes, I see the story of my life 3 years ago is becoming a hot topic of discussion. Whether right or wrong, during that time there were things that I felt needed to be done to survive. I’m not perfect, I don’t have a perfect past and I don’t come from a perfect place, I’ll always admit my dirty stuff.

I’m part of a hip hop culture where people can talk about the wrong things they did to become who they are today. There are many rappers who have achieved glory through committing murder, violence, drugs, and robbery. The crimes they think they need to do to survive. I never glorify the same things that I did in the past, because I was never proud of them nor did I include them in my music. I feel responsible that I should not praise them.

I committed those sins because I didn’t have much choice at the time. I was lucky to escape that tragedy but many other women could not. Whether it is or not, in my case at that time I had to do it to be able to live. The men I mentioned were my dates, they were aware of the risks and were willing to let it go.

I have a past that cannot be changed, we all do .

Even in Vietnam, many fans of Nicki Minaj and Lana Del Rey also began to join the fight to voice their personal opinions. The controversy is spreading more and more, causing many fans to fight each other fiercely. Many people even hope that the police will reinvestigate “dozens” of cases related to Cardi B.

On the contrary, after everything, many people understand that although her behavior and attitude are a bit excessive, often posting vulgar words on social networks, it may be because Cardi B has gone through many difficult events. difficult, causing extreme obsession. Therefore, her nature becomes “corrupt” and has a more marketable style.

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