Rap music tycoon Jay-Z’s secret to “making waves” in public opinion

Recently, Jay-Z made fans extremely excited when he launched his verified Instagram account. Even though he has “retired”, his name has never ceased to be hot in the rap music world.

Success goes beyond the set goals

Famous rapper/entrepreneur/producer Jay-Z is not very active on social networks. Therefore, many fans were excited when he appeared on Instagram.

Jay-Z stays true to his minimalist approach with a single photo, an artistic poster for the new Netflix movie “The Harder They Fall,” and an IG Story, featuring a countdown to the premiere of Black Western on streaming service. He serves as a producer on the project, which also stars Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba and Regina King.

However, after attracting nearly 2 million followers and following the trend of “following only you” – his equally famous wife Beyoncé – his account seemed to have been deleted after only one day of its appearance.

Recently, upon being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Jay-Z tweeted and joked about his social media presence.

“In my excitement, I failed the award and acknowledged JAZ-O, he is the hometown hero who made the dream come true,” the tweet read, saying: “Thank you man Good sir… okay, let me lose this password for about another year. Thank you all again, humbled by your love.”

Jay-Z (born 1969, full name Shawn Corey Carter) is best known as a legendary rap singer, co-founder of the Rocawear fashion brand and Chairman of two famous record labels Def Jam. Records and Roc-A-Fella. He is also a co-owner of The 40/40 Club and the New Jersey Nets basketball team; was voted by MTV as the most famous MC of all time.

It is undeniable that Jay-Z is an example of success, even exceeding the set goals. He is the world’s first billionaire rapper with accumulated assets of more than 1 billion USD, mainly thanks to his artistic activities.

Revealing the secret to his success, Jay-Z said that since he was a child, he practiced rapping so hard that he no longer had to rhyme on paper when he was an adult. Thanks to tireless efforts, Jay-Z has taken advantage of the brain’s abilities to an amazing extent, turning memory into a notebook.

Besides, luck is also a factor that plays an important role in Jay-Z’s successful career. From a young age, the male rapper was lovingly called “Lucky Lefty” by his family and relatives. He never forgot the significance of luck in his life.

“At that time, I knew a guy named Jazz. He signed a contract with EMI Records. Thanks to that, Jazz had the opportunity to go to London to record the album. I went with him for 2 months. During that time, the police set a trap to arrest that friend of mine and he was imprisoned for 13 years.

The only reason I got away with it was because I was engrossed in music. If it weren’t for music, which took me at the right time, my life could very well have ended like that guy,” he confided.

Regarding his personal life, the rap mogul is quite private. Jay-Z and Beyonce are both famous names in the music industry but when they started dating, it was all kept secret even though everyone was curious to know about that relationship. They absolutely did not mention their love story in public until they got married in 2008.

“The rapper of all rappers”

When Jay-Z was an unknown rapper, he sold tapes/CDs out of the trunk of his car, with the dream of getting a record deal. But at that time all major brands refused to sign a contract with Hov (Jay-Z’s nickname).

He eventually got a deal with Payday Records. But after witnessing the extremely amateurish way they operated, Jay-Z realized something crucial to his success: that they couldn’t do anything for him, all the promotional activities. The promotion and marketing they did even Jay could have done himself and probably done better.

So he struck out on his own and used his money to found Roc-A-Fella Records with Dame Dash and Biggs Burke. Jay-Z initially intended to become a rapper, but after trying to find a new way to promote his products, life pushed him to become a businessman.

Jay-Z is the most talented rapper alive, as of right now. The songs he performed have a very high number of hits and he currently holds the record for the solo artist with the most No.1 albums in history. “Can’t Knock The Hustle” is one of the singles that appeared on Jay-Z’s 1996 debut album, ‘Reational Doubt’ and also expressed from the beginning his motto in life – nothing can change. That’s hard work.

Tycoon Jay-Z and singer Beyonce photo 1
Tycoon Jay-Z and singer Beyonce

Back in the 1990s, Hov was known as the “Master of all flows,” a title usually bestowed only on an extremely elite group of rappers. While most rappers only have 1 or 2 flow styles, Jay masters all flow styles, fast, slow, virtual and poetic.

It can be said that Jay-Z is the rapper of all rappers, meaning Hov is someone that other rappers (such as Kanye West) idolize. This is not simply a natural ability, but a sign of a perfectionist, someone who always tries tirelessly when starting work.

In addition to flows, Jay is also a great lyricist with a powerful storyteller style that can come up with a series of metaphors and word plays that are extremely clever than anyone. Hov can make laid-back party songs like “Big Pimpin”, or songs with a serious message like “Minority Report”, Jay can really do anything.

In 2003, when he was at the peak of his career, Jay-Z decided to “retire”. At the age of 34, he felt he could no longer make a breakthrough to overcome his shadow, so he decided to stop and take a job at Def Jam record label. From there, he built himself an unexpectedly successful empire.

There is an opinion that when a businessman dares to speak up for an issue, it is not good for business, which is why many celebrities avoid speaking out on certain topics. But as for Jay-Z, he is no stranger to controversial opinions and is not afraid to butt heads with some powerful figures.

Jay called for a boycott of Cristal when CEO Frederic Rouzaud made disrespectful comments about the Hip Hop community. He challenged Noel Gallagher and other rockers when Gallagher objected to Jay-Z performing at Glastonbury and Jay boycotted the Grammys in 1998 because DMX was not nominated for Best Rap Album.

However, in Jay-Z’s case, these controversies only helped elevate his position. That’s because Jay spoke up to defend Hip Hop. He was against Cristal, for an attack on the Hip Hop community, against Noel Gallagher for defending the right of Hip Hop musicians to perform alongside rock musicians and Jay against Grammy because he was trying to protect a rapper who was probably considered too hardcore. These things truly make Jay-Z a true ambassador of Hip Hop.

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