Revealing the reason why even though she is a billionaire, singer Beyonce still borrows money to buy a house

The world’s most famous power couple, estimated by Forbes to be worth more than $1 billion, had an expensive deal this summer.

Two months ago, couple Beyonce and Jay-Z spent $88 million to buy a villa in Bel Air, making it the 6th most expensive house in the history of Los Angeles real estate transactions.

The world’s most famous power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Just two months later, the property’s value had increased by $26 million, a Trulia report said. This is the first villa Beyonce and her husband own after giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir.

Close-up of Beyonce’s family villa .

Currently, Beyonce’s family with three children lives in a house with an outdoor swimming pool, spa and health care center, basketball court and giant garage.

To own this villa, Beyonce and Jay-Z borrowed $52.8 million at an interest rate of 4% for 30 years from Goldman Sachs and will pay $149,600 in principal and $1,573 in interest each month.

According to experts, borrowing money to buy a house is a smart business decision for Beyonce. It helps them both have a full life and continue to work at many other companies. Investing can bring them a higher income than the interest paid.

The living room is spacious and comfortable for the couple and Beyonce’s 3 children . 

Designed by architect Stanford White and built a century ago, the house has been renovated and expanded over the years to become comfortable and modern. Most recently, builder Jeffrey Collé renovated the house.

It is known that this power couple can earn 150 thousand USD per month.