Shows off her daughter wearing designer clothes and taking a private helicopter ride, but Beyonce says ‘trying to let her live as normally as possible’

Recently shared images have revealed the luxurious life of Beyonce’s family

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s family has 3 children including an eldest daughter and twins

Singer couple Beyonce and Jay-Z are famous for being the wealthiest in the American music industry. Therefore, they do not hesitate to spend millions for their two beloved daughters.

Recently, singer Beyonce shared the moment revealing her daughter was transported by private helicopter. In photos shared on Instagram, Beyonce is seen wearing an orange shirt and a tight skirt, walking next to her 4-year-old daughter Rumi Carter wearing a floral dress walking towards the family’s private helicopter.


It’s unclear where they’ll be flying to, but Beyonce shared pictures of her and her daughter’s outfits and style with a cute family video.

Little girl Rumi Carter was born into a wealthy family, her parents were both top stars in the entertainment world, so she was soon able to take care of her external image as well as enjoy a luxurious life.

The girl wore her hair in two braids, wore a floral dress and sneakers. Before that, she appeared in front of the camera as a model for a children’s fashion brand.

This is not the first time Beyonce has shared about her family’s wealthy life and the premium services her children enjoy.

The female singer once shared the moment her daughter Blue Ivy was getting a pedicure on the super luxury yacht Galactica Star during a family vacation traveling around the Mediterranean Sea. The super yacht Galactica Star that Beyonce’s family uses is worth up to 50 million USD.

Beyonce’s family’s $50 million super yacht

Sharing about raising her daughter, Beyonce once replied that she often sets an example for her children, especially in self-care, beauty, and fashionable clothing. Beyonce thinks this is very necessary and important for girls.

“I think like many other women, I feel pressure to become a mother, take care of my children, and run a company. Many times I don’t realize how much it affects my mental and physical health.” What is my quality like?

I used to struggle with insomnia due to touring a lot. Feet hurt from years of dancing in high heels. Her hair is damaged because she has to use a lot of dyes and sprays, her skin is bad because she has to wear heavy makeup often and sweat on stage.

But in return, I have many secrets and techniques to look my best on stage. To give my best to the audience, I also need to take care of myself and listen to my body,” Beyonce shared.

Beyonce took the twins out to the beach

The process of self-care for both physical and mental health has been going on for a long time. Beyonce later shared that her journey has affected her children.

“I realized honey is very beneficial for me and my children. Luckily my daughter also likes this. The moment I felt most satisfied as a mother was one day when I saw my eldest daughter Blue soaks in the bathtub with her eyes closed, using the mixture I created and taking time for herself to feel and relax,” Beyonce said.

In the photos shared of her children, Beyonce also limited her face. Usually the photos are taken from the back because the singer doesn’t want her child to get too much attention when she’s young. “I always try to let my children have the most normal life,” Beyonce shared.