Strangely, the Dragon-shaped river flies in Portugal

With the hope of preserving the image of a world wonder, in recent days the Chinese social media community has spread a photo of a flying Dragon-shaped river in Portugal at a rapid pace.

In recent days, the Chinese social network community has been spreading at a rapid pace a picture of a river shaped like a flying Dragon in Portugal in the hope that the river will be recognized as a natural wonder heritage of the World.


The river in Portugal has the shape of a flying dragon


The photo was taken by someone sitting on the plane

The photo was taken by a person on a flight from Amsterdam to Marrakech. It is known that this river is called Blue Dragon. When looking down at a certain height in the sky, this river has a shape that looks like a dragon winding its way up into the sky.

After being posted on Chinese social networks, the photo spread extremely quickly, within just 10 hours it had 30,000 shares.


According to Chinese beliefs, dragons are sacred animals


According to Chinese beliefs, Dragon is a sacred animal and symbolizes strength, power, and luck. Therefore, for them, the image of a Dragon flying over a river is a good thing and worth preserving. Not only that, Dragons appeared in all the costumes of the Chinese Emperor thousands of years ago.