Stunning Angelina Jolie and daughter Zahara explore Vatican Museum in Rome in stylish white maxi dress

Angelina Jolie has been in Rome directing her latest film Without Blood. On Wednesday, she visited the Vatican Museum with her daughter Zahara.

The actress looked stunning in a white maxi dress, a sheer cream top, and gold sandals, showing off her summer fashion sense.

Stunning: Angelina Jolie looked the epitome of chic in a white maxi dress on Wednesday as she enjoyed a day out at the Vatican Museum in Rome

Angelina Jolie looked absolutely stunning in a lovely white maxi dress during her visit to the Vatican Museum in Rome on Wednesday. She wore natural makeup and black sunglasses, while she kept her brunette locks straight. Accompanied by her daughter Zahara, who looked chic in a black skirt, beige t-shirt, and white trainers. Angelina shares six children with ex-husband Brad Pitt, including Zahara and Vivienne. The other four children are Maddox Chivan, Pax Thien, Shiloh Nouvel, and Knox Léon.

Gorgeous: The Hollywood star, 47, sported a natural makeup look underneath a pair of black sunglasses, while styling her brunette locks straight

Beautiful: The 47-year-old Hollywood celebrity opted for a minimalistic makeup look and wore a pair of black sunglasses to complement her straightened brunette hair.

Looking good: Stepping out in the city, her daughter Zahara, 17, walked alongside her in a black skirt, beige t-shirt and white trainers

Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara were spotted walking in the city. Despite divorcing six years ago, Angelina and Brad are still fighting a custody battle over their six children. Reports suggest that Angelina is unwilling to agree to joint custody, and she has been delaying the process. However, Brad is working with his legal team to file paperwork and respond to her claims. While this is happening, Angelina is focusing on producing and directing. She has been seen on the set of her new project Without Blood, based on the novel by Alessandro Baricco. Angelina expressed her excitement about bringing this unique material to film and being entrusted with the adaptation.

Split: Following a tumultuous separation, she and Brad are still fighting a custody battle over their brood of six - despite filing for divorce six years ago

After a chaotic break-up, she and Brad are still in the midst of a legal dispute over the custody of their six children, even though they initiated divorce proceedings half a decade ago.

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