Talented and beautiful, but why is beauty Anne Hathaway still tried by antifans to bring her down?

When Anne Hathaway’s name was announced in the Best Supporting Actress category at the 2013 Oscars, the actress emotionally exclaimed: “It came true!”. However, glory also seems to bring more trouble for “miserable Fantine” when there is a group that hates the star of Les Misérables because of her dress that shows off her “nipples” and her short hair. and Anne’s prepared speech.

The most hated “brand name lover” in America

The Oscar statuette has returned to Anne Hathaway. No one can deny Anne’s acting talent as well as her sacrifice for the role of Fantine in “Les Mirerables” (Vietnamese title: Les Misérables), even though she only appeared in a short segment in the film. . However, after the awards ceremony, from the streets to the internet, there were unkind rumors about Anne. There is a group called “Hathahaters” (roughly translated: People who hate Hathaway) that was established.

Anne's sweet and beautiful beauty.

Anne’s sweet and beautiful beauty.

When she received the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, she was scolded for being vain. When receiving the award, she changed clothes to avoid clashing with her colleagues, but the actress’s Prada dress became the subject of an online joke, when many people thought she intentionally showed off her nipples with this design. When Anne received the award and gave a touching speech, she was called fake…

In fact, since she first joined the entertainment industry, the audience began cursing her for no reason. It is known that at its peak, there were on average more than 10 comments cursing her online every minute. Anne was beautiful and was immediately compared to a mobile flower vase by the public. She acted to stir up the atmosphere and immediately said she looked like a joke.

When her boyfriend was investigated by the police for fraud, Anne Hathaway broke up with her boyfriend and was also scolded by netizens, saying that she was cold-blooded and heartless, a poisonous snake… Even the New York Times also once posted a comment that Anne Hathaway was the most hated character of the year. All of this made her extremely miserable.

Anne and her controversial dress when receiving the Oscar in 2013.

Anne and her controversial dress when receiving the Oscar in 2013.

Over time, Anne’s evaluation became worse and worse, and all netizens joined in to curse her. Later, in a program, Anne Hathaway confided that those things had become an obsession for her, but netizens still refused to let go. The incident became more and more serious when an antifan then deliberately spread fake news saying that Anne Hathaway, while filming the movie “Les Miserables”, refused to dye her hair and forced the production team to change the script. When netizens heard the news, they became even more angry, creating a large number of bad pictures of Anne Hathaway.

To change her perfect image, she did not hesitate to rap on a TV show, embarrassing herself, but netizens were still not satisfied. In the end, feeling tired of winning love from antifans, she decided to use her enthusiasm to do more meaningful things.

She began participating in social activities and regularly went to the hospital to visit pediatric cancer patients. Even when she got married, she sold her wedding photos and donated all the proceeds to marriage equality organizations.

From the moment she started participating in social activities, Anne gradually felt that life was extremely meaningful and she became increasingly stronger, and gradually discovered the reason why she was hated. She understands that she is hated because of the discrimination against women that is deeply ingrained in everyone. At the same time, she herself admitted that she was like that in the past: “When I receive scripts from female directors, I often have to hesitate for a long time.

After clearly realizing this point, Anne Hathaway paid no attention to antifans and began investing in the cause of equal rights for women in her industry, trying to change discriminatory thinking about women and gain many benefits. more for the women.

On International Women’s Day 2017, at the United Nations meeting, Anne Hathaway called for increased maternity benefits for women. At the same time, Anne Hathaway also began to pay attention to a minority group in order to promote equal rights for the LGBT community. Although the online community still has opinions about her being worthless, Anne Hathaway no longer cares about this.

Box office queen

Despite being openly opposed by antifans, Anne Hathaway’s career flourished with her best efforts. Right from her first movie The Princess Diaries (2001) (Vietnamese title: Princess Diaries), Anne Hathaway made a strong impression on young people with her timeless beauty when playing the slovenly student Mia. Thermopolis. 3 years later she continued to star in the sequel to the movie The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. Since then, Hathaway has starred in many family films.

But Anne Hathaway did not want to frame herself in the image of a beautiful and foolish princess, so in the movie “Brand Name Girl”, the classic changing scene in the movie has become Anne Hathaway’s trademark. Also thanks to this movie, Anne Hathaway stepped up to the level of A-list Hollywood star.

After that, she worked even harder in acting, not only playing the role of a magical white queen (Alice in Wonderland – 2010) but also playing the role of a sexy Catwoman (in The Dark Knight Rises in 2010). 2012), recreating the character Jane (in Becoming Jane – 2007) vividly… She also challenged herself with the role of Maggie crazy for love in Love & Other Drugs.

These roles have helped Anne Hathaway receive countless awards. In 2008, with the complex psychological changes and multidimensional emotions of the young woman Kym Buchman addicted to drugs and cigarettes in Rachel Getting Married, Anne Hathaway was nominated for her first Oscar in her career in the Female category. best leading actor. Later, the role of Fantine in Les Misérables brought Anne Hathaway an Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category but also a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a BAFTA Award.

Besides her natural talent, she was born into a family with a mother who was also an actress, but that’s not why Anne Hathaway let herself go. She is very diligent in learning and investing in each character. For example, before filming Les Miserables, within a week, Anne Hathaway lost 11kg and even had a tooth extracted to make her face convex, suitable for her poor role in the film.

It is estimated that a total of Anne Hathaway’s 23 films have grossed more than 5 billion USD, helping her enter the list of Top 100 highest-grossing actors of all time. For example, the movie Princess Diary with an investment budget of only 40 million USD brought in revenue of nearly 140 million USD. Or Anne’s 2014 film Black Hole, which brought in nearly 700 million USD in revenue and made her a guarantor of box office revenue.

With a series of consecutive successful roles, Anne Hathaway has become one of the top Hollywood stars today. People magazine named her among the breakthrough stars of 2001, and she also appeared on the list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world in 2006. Both talented and extremely hardworking and successful. Coming to Anne Hathaway is natural. Those who intentionally defamed her were finally conquered by her works!

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