The “contrasts” come from the hot look in the life of the female billionaire USD

In the life of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, there are many “contradictory” things, for example, she once suffered because of the release of a “hot” clip, but had to admit that it was because of that incident. .. success.

Suffering because the “hot” clip was revealed, but must admit that thanks to that… success

Before Kim Kardashian’s “hot” clip was leaked in 2007, she was mainly known as the girlfriend who often goes with reality TV star – singer Paris Hilton.

Up to now, looking back at Kim’s stalking career, both the public and Kim herself have to admit that the incident revealed a “hot” clip between her and her ex-boyfriend – male singer Willie Norwood (clip made in 2002). ) has made people interested in who Kim Kardashian is, which is a boost for Kim’s career while she is still struggling.

Before Kim Kardashian’s “hot” clip was leaked in 2007, she was mainly known as the girlfriend who often goes with reality TV star – singer Paris Hilton.

Initially, when the clip was leaked, Kim denied that she was the female character in the clip, but in the end, when she denied it was “not successful”, Kim sought to settle with the party who owned and distributed the “hot” clip. her to receive 5 million USD in compensation, and at the same time agreed to let everything stop there, not sue anymore as originally intended.

Right in 2007, taking advantage of the public’s attention, Kim and her family began filming the reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (airing persistently from 2007-2021). ).

Gradually, Kim built her image and expanded her influence on social networks, she has hundreds of millions of followers on social network accounts. Kim has launched many successful product lines and businesses on the social networking platform where she owns a large community of followers.

In recent years, Kim has focused on selling cosmetics, perfumes, and body-shaping lingerie. Kim also showed interest in the law industry. She planned to become a female lawyer, took law courses, and applied for an internship at a non-profit legal organization.

Now, Kim Kardashian is a popular reality TV star and a successful businesswoman with a fortune that has reached one billion dollars.

Kim herself and her Kardashian – Jenner family members have all had a major turning point in life since she… revealed the “hot” clip. Since then, Kim has continuously built her image, created influence in the field of fashion and lifestyle, creating popular product lines with her own brand.

Gradually, Kim built her image and expanded her influence on social networks, she has hundreds of millions of followers on social network accounts.

Kim (currently 40 years old) once shared frankly in an interview with famous MC Oprah Winfrey: “I understand that revealing a “hot” clip is the way I am introduced to everyone. I am completely aware understand the realities surrounding that truth. I was always very aware that that was the way I was presented to the world, in a… very negative way.

Therefore, I feel that I need to work 10 times harder than others so that people will accept, recognize and acknowledge my true self. Indeed, I feel ashamed and humiliated…”.

Kim said that until today, she still has to endure prejudiced views and assessments towards her, stemming from the leak of her “hot” clip. But over time, the media and the public have also had a fairer view of her – who was once considered a “trickster” star, who rose purely thanks to… “hot” clips.

Time magazine once included Kim Kardashian on the list of the 100 most influential people in 2015. Many analysts and even Kim’s fans once saw her as a star “famous just for being… famous.” only “name”, meaning no real talent. But gradually, views about Kim have become more multidimensional, fair and generous.

Famous for her bold sexy look, but afraid of embarrassing her children

At age 40, as a single mother of four young children, Kim worries that when they grow up, her children will not like their mother’s overly suggestive photos.

Sharing during a recent television appearance in a special episode – “The Final Curtain” (recorded after the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” ended), Kim Kardashian admitted that she did not want to Later, I will be embarrassed in front of my children when they are old enough to go online to find information about their mother and see her very sexy photos.

At age 40, as a single mother of four young children, Kim worries that when they grow up, her children will not like their mother’s overly suggestive photos. Although she is worried, Kim affirms that she will not rush to change her style and will not hesitate to continue making sexy moments.

Kim’s next ambition in life is to become a female lawyer with degrees and certificates. This is Kim’s ambition to make a great step forward in the field of knowledge, compared to her original starting point. She – emerged from a “hot” clip and became the star of a controversial reality TV show.

If at some point, she achieves her ambition of becoming a female lawyer, Kim said she will not give up her sexy style and will not stop sharing bikini photos on social networks:

“Actually, I think the most about my children. When they grow up, they will think about their mother’s style and image. But then I think I have the right to do what I want, to live as I am.” .

However, Kim also admitted that since becoming a mother, she has begun to pay more attention to the content she posts on social networks: “I don’t want my children to be ashamed of their mother. I don’t want them to feel embarrassed. I feel uncomfortable when I reach high school age and still have a mother who continues to post bikini photos. Of course, in the future there will be further restrictions.”

The woman who has had big things, now only hopes to find small things

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West when they were still together.

After leaving the marriage, Kim wanted time to calm down after the pain of the breakup. Kim herself has all the elements to be sought after: She is beautiful, sexy, stylish, famous, rich, good at business and is also pursuing an educational path to become a female lawyer.

Although she was originally known from a “hot” clip, over time, Kim did exactly what she said – “trying 10 times harder than normal people to be recognized” after the scandalous incident. old years ago.

There is a lot of information saying that since becoming a single woman, Kim has been contacted by many businessmen and male stars for dating, but she is not ready to enter the relationship again right now. this point.

In the final part of the reality TV series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kim shared what she expects from her future companion. Accordingly, the criteria she sets now are very simple, they just need to be someone who is really interested in practicing with her, can comfortably watch a TV show with her…

When confiding in her biological mother – Mrs. Kris Jenner on the TV show, Kim said that in her marriage to rapper Kanye West she had everything she ever wanted, but the only thing she felt missing was someone. A true companion, to share the sweetness of life with you.

Understandably, Kim was very lonely even in her own marriage: “I have the great things that I have always dreamed of, everything that I can imagine and imagine to desire. But now, I think I want to have simple experiences, small but meaningful things for me in the present,” Kim said.

Understandably, Kim was once very lonely in her own marriage.

Kim admitted that at first she felt satisfied about life with her four children without her husband constantly around. Kanye always likes to change his residence according to inspiration and there are times when he stays for a long time in regions very far from Kim and her five children. Acceptance of such a marriage changed when Kim turned 40, because she reassessed the values ​​in her life:

“I have achieved my own expectations, achieved 10 times more than what I thought I could achieve. But I don’t have a companion by my side to share everything with. There are times when I sit stop and think if the kids can fill all the gaps inside you and you will still be okay.

I never thought I was alone, I always thought I was fine, that I just needed the kids. While my husband and I were moving from one state to another, at first I thought it was okay, but it wasn’t…”.

Kim admitted that she got along best with her ex-husband Kanye West when the two of them… lived far away from each other: “After turning 40, I realized that I don’t want a husband who always lives so far away from me like that.” It’s terrible when I realize that husband and wife are most harmonious when… apart.

That’s so sad. I want a partner who has many things in common with me, has many things to do with me, such as exercising together, watching TV together…”.

After becoming famous in American showbiz as a reality TV star and becoming a successful businessman with a personal fortune of over one billion USD, Kim now wants to experience the little things. with a compatible partner:

“I have had great things, I am very grateful for those things, but now I want small but meaningful experiences.”

Although she walked out of her marriage quite gently, Kim admitted that she was in the “dumb” phase: “Calmness is my greatest strength and I will try to handle everything calmly.” calm,” she told her mother.

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