The fiery figure of actress Kim Kardashian once fell in love with Cristiano Ronaldo

The two top beauties in the entertainment industry, Kim Kardashian and Irina Shayk, both have special relationships with Cristiano Ronaldo and Kanye West.

Kanye West went out with Irina Shayk in Paris (France) on the singer’s 44th birthday

On June 10, a source revealed to People that rapper Kanye West and model Irina Shayk are dating after a trip to Paris to celebrate the singer’s birthday. According to sources, Kanye West generously paid for the most luxurious locations.

This person said: “They have known each other through work for many years. Kanye West started pursuing Shayk a few weeks ago. He is a good persuader. They went out in New York before their trip to France.”

Immediately after this information was shared, public opinion quickly discovered the special “debt” of the women surrounding the famous rapper.

Ronaldo and Kardashian were once caught lovingly locking lips

Specifically, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian used to date Cristiano Ronaldo. The soccer star first met Kim in Los Angeles, USA after he learned that Kim had come to watch one of his matches in Spain.

It’s unclear how long Kim and C. Ronaldo’s relationship lasted, but it seemed to have ended early in the spring of 2010. Later, Kim reunited with Ronaldo at Jennifer Lopez’s concert in Las Vegas in 2016 and they happily took photos. together.

Ronaldo and Irina Shayk were together for 5 years

After the couple broke up, Kim got together with Kanye and Ronaldo started a relationship with Irina. The Russian model dated the famous player for 5 years. After a decade, Irina is now dating Kim’s ex-husband.

Irina Shayk is a name that is no longer unfamiliar in the modeling industry. The 1m78 tall beauty started modeling in 2004, when she was 18 years old. She participated in the Miss Chelyabinsk 2004 beauty contest in Russia and won. After that, the beauty went to America to pursue a modeling career.

Sexy figure of long-legged Irina Shayk

Thanks to her fiery beauty and perfect body, Irina quickly became an expensive advertising face for many big brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Lacoste, Cesare Paciotti, Morellato, Bebe, Lord & Taylor, Lacoste, Armani Exchange, Guess, Blumarine… Irina also continuously ranks among the world’s sexiest beauties voted by major magazines.

Beautiful and fiery, Irina Shayk has become the pursuit target of many famous guys. In addition to CR7, the Russian actress once had a romantic relationship with Oscar-nominated American actor Bradley Cooper and “bad boy” Vito Schnabel.

Kanye West agreed to the divorce terms set forth by his wife and committed to raising their children with her

As for Kim Kardashian, 2 months ago, she was listed by Forbes magazine on the World’s Billionaires List with her net worth increasing to 1 billion USD. In addition, she is constantly among the top most influential celebrities in the world with a social network account with hundreds of millions of followers.

Kim Kardashian’s “hourglass figure”.

With mixed blood from Armenia (father) and Scotland and the Netherlands (mother), Kim’s beauty has both a bit of European classicism and the beauty of Middle Eastern women, creating a quite harmonious whole. Currently, at the age of 41, the mother of 4 children still maintains her fiery figure with three measurements of 91-66-102 cm respectively. That is also the reason why she is nicknamed Kim “super round 3”.

Famous designer Karl Lagerfeld once praised Kim Kardashian, saying: “Kim’s dedication to beauty and fashion is the fact that you don’t have to be super skinny or too tall to be your best.”

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