The hidden corners and pitfalls of becoming a star through the stories of the 10 most famous people in the world

Being loved, attending the best parties and traveling around the world, these are ‘perks’ of a star that ordinary people will not have. But behind those flashes, they also face countless difficulties that few people know about.

Cameron Diaz

In an interview, the beautiful actress shared that being famous is not the same as having a happy life. According to her, true happiness lies in being true to yourself and doing what you love without worrying about other people’s judgments.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

The hidden corner behind the popularity of many stars.

Lady Gaga

Even though she looks like she’s enjoying every second of being a superstar, there are some “side effects” of fame that Lady Gaga just can’t stand. For example: ”Spending all day just shaking people’s hands, smiling, and taking pictures”, she felt it was ”Shallow”.

Gaga said: ”I feel sad that I just became a money-making machine”. But over time, the star started turning down invitations and missing out on some events and projects that she believed weren’t worth taking the time to give herself some space.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Daniel Radcliffe

When someone becomes as famous as Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, it can be difficult to protect one’s privacy. Furthermore, every mistake is 100 times more visible when you’re in the spotlight, which can make people nervous and scared. It’s especially difficult for child actors. Radcliffe says he was lucky to have supportive parents who helped him a lot when he struggled with fame as a child.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Daniel admitted that he loves making movies and being on film sets, and that’s the only reason he’s still in the entertainment industry: “When I hear people say they want to be famous, I think, hide fame is a really great thing. Like, it allows you to do a lot and make mistakes and then not feel so guilty,” he added.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Ethan Hawke

For this famous actor, the worst part of being a star is feeling isolated. Hawke also said that the reason why celebrities often marry other celebrities is because they are in “isolation together.”

Hawke added that it’s hard to break the image people have of you after seeing you on the big screen and he often tries to create a different impression and show his true self. It makes him sad that all people want is a photo together and not an open and honest conversation.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Megan Fox

To describe the feeling of life in the spotlight, Megan Fox uses a very telling analogy: ”What people don’t realize is that fame is like your worst experience in school. high school, when you get made fun of by 10 kids in high school – famous like that, but on a global scale.”

She further revealed that at one point in her career, she went through a “breakdown” and didn’t want to do anything for a while: “I didn’t want to be seen, I I don’t want to have to take pictures, appear in magazines, walk on the red carpet, I don’t want to be seen in public at all because I’m scared, I lose confidence because I know for sure that I will be ridiculed.”

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Justin Bieber

Becoming world famous at a young age can be amazing but also very scary. The music star says his world was ”turned upside down” when he became a superstar. Bieber says that by the time he was 20, he had made pretty much every bad decision one could think of: “It almost completely destroyed me.” But thanks to close people and their love, this star can help overcome his difficulties.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Cardi B

American rapper Cardi B, who started her career on Instagram and Vine, confesses that being world famous made her feel like a ”prisoner” and the constant surveillance made her feel like “constantly in the principal’s office.” She said she was ”tired” of fame because she couldn’t be herself anymore.

Cardi B admitted that if she could turn back time, she would return to 2013 when she was just an unknown dancer making good money. ”That’s where I want to go. That’s when I was me,” the music star confessed.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games star believes that her super successful acting career has left her life lacking freedom. Lawrence claims she can’t freely go out in public without being noticed by her fans. The talented actress also said that she has become ”extremely rude” since becoming famous, just to avoid unwanted attention.

“It’s the only way I have to protect myself,” Lawrence explains. She’s unhappy about the special treatment she receives as a Hollywood A-list star: ”When people treat treats you differently, but you don’t feel different, it’s kind of alienating. You feel like you’re like an animal in a zoo or something.”

The actress once said that she would never feel okay with strangers following her wherever she went and there was nothing she could do about it. She recalled an incident when she called the police to complain about strangers sleeping in front of her house, but even they were helpless to help.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Leonardo Dicaprio

One of the world’s most famous actors has never really complained about being famous, but he says he would quit acting if he was really bothered by fans: “If I wanted to quit acting I would have done it a long time ago, but I love making movies. I feel lucky but it means sacrificing a lot of my private life.” DiCaprio doesn’t really like being recognized in public.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

Brad Pitt

The handsome actor admits that in the early days of his Hollywood career, it wasn’t easy for him: “In the ’90s, all that attention was really on me,” Pitt said. “It was really uncomfortable for me, the mixture of expectations and judgments.”

Pitt once famously described the discomfort of constantly being in the spotlight by saying: ”Fame makes you permanently feel like a girl passing by construction workers.” ‘.

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

celebrities, world famous people, pitfalls of celebrity

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