Turn around as quickly as Cardi B: One minute she posts directly at Nicki Minaj, the next minute she’s friendly and condescending

Short and shocking: Cardi B posted sarcastically about Nicki Minaj continuously for 2 hours, the bomb officially exploded but it ended quickly.

tracking. trackingCardi B couldn’t help but speak up and explain in detail to all netizens about all the hidden corners behind the noisy feud throughout the past year. In the first clip, the Bodak Yellow phenomenon corrected all false rumors targeting her after the hit MotorSport in collaboration with Nicki Minaj, specifically Nicki once accused Cardi of forcing her to change her rap lyrics. in the song:

“So now my dear sister wants to talk about this, then I will also speak up about this in the next 30 seconds quickly. First of all, honey, you were the one who edited your rap, 3 times, and it was only 1 day before the MV filming, have you forgotten? And after filming the MV, you yourself told lies about our collaboration. You keep saying that Cardi B is being mean to you and that, yes you can control your mouth and make it more charming. Do you remember, the night you insulted me on Queen Radio, I called you to talk to you face to face, here let me show you the proof or you will think I’m making it up. Here, this is her phone number. I called her twice and she didn’t pick up. That’s it” 

Cardi B is really angry…

Where hatred begins…

Continuing the story in the previous clip, Cardi B exposed Nicki Minaj’s true face in this incident.

If with the first clip you still have a reason to defend Nicki Minaj , then in the following clip you have officially had your way of thinking completely changed by Cardi B. She brought up situations to resolve misunderstandings that should have been done before, but perhaps Nicki Minaj was not wise enough to follow through:“The problem is that it could have been resolved without any fuss from the beginning, sister, you had 6 months before the MV release date for you to call and confide in me like two women. together. Otherwise, if you’re shy, you can contact Quavo so we can re-record from the beginning. Do you remember how fun it was the first time we discussed this cooperation? But now, after waiting 6 months, the MV is finished, and she’s starting to accuse me everywhere. How convincing everyone!”.

Perhaps Nicki Minaj was lacking insight in this incident.

Things could have been easier to resolve…if Nicki Minaj hadn’t debuted Chun-Li. 

The fight at the fashion party was also mentioned by Cardi B during her 2-hour “confession”.

Cardi B also did not forget to mention the scandalous party last year with her flying clogs, she confided: “What happened? How could you say that I was like a wild animal that had escaped its cage, rushing at you and causing trouble with you before? She stood there peacefully and kept pointing at me that she was the victim of everything. Yes yes everyone, please choose your side, will you be on the side of the victim or on the side of the gangster and tiger. You lied and just lied the whole time.”

Cardi B posted the photo above as an insult to Nicki Minaj, saying that she is the best-selling rapper for the past 2 years.

Cardi B “called the soul” of Nicki Minaj all morning like this.

If you don’t understand why Cardi B suddenly brought everything up from beginning to end on a seemingly peaceful morning like this? Actually, because Nicki Minaj continued to criticize Cardi B recently, Nicki Minaj falsely accused Cardi B of preventing 21 Savage and Offset from appearing in the No Flag MV. Something this girl did not do at all, Cardi B immediately contacted the MV director to confirm the unruly story that Nicki attributed to her. Oh Nicki Minaj! Once again this year, the queen has lost her class.

The message between Cardi B and the director of the No Flag MV to regain her honor is currently being defamed by Nicki.

Whose side are you on?

Currently, the above feud has probably been truly reconciled. Nicki Minaj also couldn’t ignore when Cardi B shouted her name all morning like that. Nicki Minaj posted the following short confession: “Okay, from now on, let’s only pay attention to the positive things, everyone. We have resolved everything. I know the recent incidents sound really funny and interesting, but I won’t get involved in this nonsense anymore. Thank you for always being by my side this past year. Love you guys”.

Cardi B also agreed with Nicki that it was time to let things go smoothly.

In any case, Cardi B is wrong for bringing things like this to her personal social network and Nicki is also somewhat wrong for constantly being unable to control her ego. Well, it’s time for both of these two most powerful women in the rap industry to ignore the gossip in their ears, come talk to each other face to face and make peace with each other so we can reconnect like before. We’ve probably had enough of this long-running feud, right?