US-UK fans are ‘in an uproar’: Ariana Grande is paid more than Lady Gaga and Beyoncé combined?

This fact is making many fans unhappy.

Recently, the media simultaneously reported: 8 million USD is the amount that the organizers of the  2019 Coachella  Music Festival had to pay to invite Ariana Grande to be the headliner of this event, according to sources from NME . With a figure of nearly 186 billion VND, Ariana Grande is not only the youngest artist in history to headline  Coachella  but also the artist paid the most to be present at this event.

US-UK fans 'uprising': Ariana Grande received more money at Coachella than Lady Gaga and Beyoncé combined?  0

However, when comparing this number with other artists who have been headliners in the past, the audience cannot help but be startled by the huge, unfair difference. Especially with the two icons of the music industry, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.

In 2018, Beyoncé blew up social networks with  her historic Coachella stage, becoming a legendary stage and quickly agreed by the audience as one of the best stages in modern history. this music festival. In 2017, Lady Gaga also delivered an equally overwhelming stage, and also performed the song  Partynauseous  for the audience for the first time.

US-UK fans 'uprising': Ariana Grande received more money at Coachella than Lady Gaga and Beyoncé combined?  first

The number of tickets paid by Coachella  ‘s organizers is never publicly announced, but sources from mainstream newspapers can investigate this number. According to  Business Insider  and TIME , the amount Beyoncé was paid for this stage ‘was around $3 million to $4 million’. The New Yorker  has a more detailed investigation by interviewing Paul Tollet, co-founder of  Coachella,  saying: headliner artists: Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga will be paid between 3 and 4 million USD. for their stage. The Rolling Stones in 2014 also reported this figure at $3 million for headliners in general. In general, this number ranges from 3 to 4 million USD for big names.

US-UK fans 'uprising': Ariana Grande received more money at Coachella than Lady Gaga and Beyoncé combined?  2

What does that mean? Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, with more seniority, and stage performance ability are certainly still one level higher than Ariana Grande, the amount of money  Coachella  paid them to perform headline at the festival is still not half of Ariana Grande’s. Taking the highest figure of 4 million USD for each person, both Gaga and Beyoncé combined will equal Ariana Grande’s figure. This will certainly make many fans feel unfair.

US-UK fans 'uprising': Ariana Grande received more money at Coachella than Lady Gaga and Beyoncé combined?  3

It cannot be denied that Ariana Grande clearly had a complete and meticulous stage from start to finish, but it is certainly difficult to compare with the investment, grandeur and ‘fierce’ from her two seniors. So the fact that  Dangerous Woman  is still paid up to 8 million USD by BTC, far surpassing its predecessors, is something worth pondering. And the answer will be for each audience to feel for themselves.

Ariana Grande performed  7 Rings  at  Coachella 2019

There is an interesting detail: in 2017, before Cardi B rose to global superstardom with the billion-view hit  Bodak Yellow,  she was only paid about 70,000 USD for one show, a total of 2 shows at 2 shows. Coachella’s traditional weekend brought Cardi B about $140,000, a fairly low number. But certainly now, when Cardi B is at a new level, that number will fluctuate dramatically. Besides, young, little-known artists also bring in about 10,000 USD.

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