What did Lady Gaga do so she was ‘hibernating’ but was still ‘awakened’ by… Nicki Minaj?

The “storm” is coming again

Pitchfork itself also rated Queen quite highly and gave it a score of 7.6

“Her choice to support a sexual predator would be a direct slap to the nation’s citizens, who are fighting to silence black women,” the article said in part. music’s most notorious abusers”

Lady Gaga was suddenly “unreasonably” dragged into this scandal.

This incident made Nicki extremely angry, and she posted a series of tweets, in which she mentioned… Lady Gaga to defend her opinions. Nicki evoked the time Gaga collaborated with R.Kelly on the song Do What You Want even though Kelly also had sexual misconduct at that time. It is worth mentioning that Gaga filmed a provocative MV for the song with R. Kelly but she did not release it.

To clarify her point of view, Nicki took a photo of a Pitchfork article praising Lady Gaga’s song Do What You Want . Nicki stated that she did not use Gaga as an example to bring Gaga down, she only used it as an example to illustrate her points. However, the rapper was immediately “stoned” by the Little Monsters community for this behavior.

Do What U Want performance by Lady Gaga and R.Kelly at the 2013 American Music Awards.

Currently, Nicki has deleted the Tweets related to this issue. However, the tweet #NickiMinajIsOverParty promptly trended and became a hot topic of discussion on social networks.