What is the reason why Egyptian archaeologists call singers Beyonce and Messi idiots?

Singer Beyonce and superstar Messi were once called “idiots” during their visit to Egypt.

What is the reason why Egyptian archaeologists call singers Beyonce and Messi idiots? Source: Oh My Goal

In March 2017, Messi went to Egypt to participate in the anti-hepatitis C campaign. During the  trip, Messi visited the Pyramids. Mr. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Antiquities and leading Egyptian archaeologist, was Messi’s tour guide. An incident has occurred.

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“After the visit, I told the Spanish media that while I introduced the monument to Messi, his face did not show any interest at all, even when I introduced the wings. Secret door in the Pyramid. Messi is like an idiot. His face looks like a stone. Perhaps all Messi cares about is football, Mr. Hawass shared.

Why do Egyptian archaeologists call singers Beyonce and Messi idiots - Photo 2.

Zahi Hawass and Messi in Egypt.

Shortly after, the archaeologist had to apologize to Messi. He believes there is a misunderstanding because Messi only speaks Spanish:

“I believe Messi is the most famous figure on the planet. There isn’t even another king or queen as famous as him. His visits to Egyptian archaeological sites are more important than the visits of the President and other national officials, because he is extremely popular in Egypt. Messi brings many benefits to Egyptian tourism.

I said it wrong, my tongue was stuck at that time. Of course I would never insult Messi, he is a great person. The translator couldn’t convey my enthusiasm to Messi. During the phone interview with the Spanish newspaper, I scolded the translator for being an idiot, not Messi.

Hawass said he has watched all of Messi’s matches. “There will never be anyone like Messi. I include him in all my lectures. I told the students that Messi visited Egypt. He helps promote Egyptian tourism.”

This is not the first time Mr. Hawass has been involved in a similar problem. In 2009, singer Beyonce visited the Pyramid. Hawass revealed that Beyonce arrived late, her bodyguards did not let anyone take photos.

The archaeologist shouted: “You almost hit my photographer, you are so rude. Get out”.

“I said Beyonce was stupid and left,” Mr. Hawass said.

Egypt’s leading archaeologist is a controversial figure. He loves to take the spotlight. This person was once investigated for bribery and many other accusations.