When Angelina Jolie & Her Crew Experienced A Supernatural Incident That Led Them To Stop The Production Of The Film, Is Enough To Give You Goosebumps Even Today: "They Can Hear Children Crying..."
Angelina Jolie Once Shared Her Supernatural Encounter While Shooting A Film In Cambodia ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Angelina Jolie is one the leading ladies of Hollywood who excels in every genre, be it drama, romance, or action! Jolie once did a war drama called First They Killed My Father in 2017, based on the memoir of Loung Ung, who survived the desolations of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. The film was directed by Jolie herself, and the script was also written by her and the real-life Loung Ung. But while doing the film, she experienced a supernatural phenomenon that remained engraved in her memory.

As per reports, the unusual incident took place while doing a scene at night in the jungle, and besides this supernatural experience, she also revealed back then how the movie affected her on a personal level, not to forget that her son Maddox Jolie-Pitt is from Cambodia. The film received a positive response from the critics for how the matter was handled in it.

In 2018, Angelina Jolie appeared on The Hollywood Reporter’s Director’s Roundtable, where she spoke about her supernatural experience while filming First They Killed My Father in Cambodia. There, she recalled how they were shooting in the jungle one night, and the children were there too, when the eerie incident took place.

Angelina recalled, “Suddenly, somebody said they can hear children crying in the jungle. We didn’t have enough lights to light up the jungle. And there are landmines in the country. I said, ‘Gather the children. We gotta count the kids.’ We counted the kids, and everybody was there.”

She then added how a local came up to them and explained the supernatural phenomenon to them as she said, “And then, somebody came up to me, and they said, ‘We are Buddhist. People died on this land. They’re hearing crying because it’s the spirit of the ancestors, and you blew a tree.’ We stopped production, and I got incense and water and got on my knees with the rest of them.”

Angelina Jolie then revealed that they halted the shoot for some time, got down on their knees and thought about all those individuals who were there and died on that soil. After that, when they resumed work, things went well.

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