Why does Lionel Messi refuse to touch any woman except his wife?

Messi has some obvious reasons why he never gets close to other women.

Messi once said: “My wife, with all the disadvantages in her heart, supported and accompanied me.” He has been with his beautiful wife since they were teenagers and Messi has some obvious reasons why he never gets close to other women.

Messi and Roccuzzo are childhood best friends

When Messi was young, he was just a boy who dreamed of becoming a football player. Even though he didn’t understand anything about love, that day, he sat at the table in his room, picked up a piece of paper, a pen and started writing: “Antonella…” .

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Even though he didn’t understand anything about love, that day he wrote: “Antonella…”.

The story of Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo originates from their childhood in Rosario, Argentina. They are connected through Messi’s friend and Roccuzzo’s cousin, Lucas Scaglia. Even when Messi moved to Barcelona to pursue his football career, they still kept in touch.

Their relationship took a dramatic turn in 2005 when Messi flew back to Argentina to be there for Roccuzzo after she tragically lost her best friend.

They have been a couple since 2009 and went public with their relationship in mid-2000. Although they usually keep their love life private, they have been an official couple for a long time, attracting considerable attention. fans’ hearts with intimate photos.

Roccuzzo has always been beautiful and charming, but Messi’s commitment to his wife does not stop at appearance

Messi’s wedding in 2017 in Rosario was a huge event, often called the “Wedding of the Century”. The wedding had 260 guests, including famous names such as Luis Suárez, Gerard Piqué and Shakira. Messi is so devoted to his wife that he avoids all physical contact with other women.

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His intimacy is reserved only for his wife

It is reported that he wishes to become the best football player in the world to provide a great life for Roccuzzo. However, after they got married, many female fans tried to “test” his fidelity.

There have been notable superfans, influencers, and even a fan who got a tattoo of Messi on her body and sent him pictures of her wearing the jersey.

Messi’s reaction was quick – he promptly stopped her.

Why does Lionel Messi refuse to touch any woman except his wife? - Photo 4.

Messi rarely touches women when taking photos together

Messi limits physical contact with other women because for him, intimacy is only for his wife

Many people noticed that Messi seemed awkward when taking photos with other women. He often stands in an unusual position, with his hands at his side or in his pocket, and avoids putting his arm around the woman in the photo.

This behavior is said to be because the football superstar wants to prevent the media from misinterpreting the photos and implying something inappropriate when in fact there is none. Even when taking pictures with Shakira, he kept his distance, emphasizing that their relationship was completely platonic.

Messi’s commitment to maintaining boundaries with women who are not his wife is the most realistic example for married men, especially those in environments with many temptations. Messi prioritizes his private life with Roccuzzo and their children, constantly emphasizing his steadfast devotion to the girl from childhood. This level of “dedication” is truly rare and admirable.

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