With sky-high income, Beyoncé and her husband are “king and queen”

Beyoncé and Jay Z are arguably America’s king and queen, at least when it comes to the couple’s income.

The careers of two music superstars have skyrocketed in recent times. Especially this year, since the middle of last year, their income is sky-high, reaching 107.5 million USD – according to Forbes’ income statistics table of 100 stars.

With sky-high income, Beyoncé and her husband are 'king and queen'  - first

Beyoncé and her husband always make people admire their money-making skills.

Beyoncé ranked 34th on Forbes’ 2016 list with $54 million while her husband, rapper Jay Z, earned $53.5 million, coming in at number 36. Thus, the total amount of money this couple earns in a year that makes many stars dream.

Recently, they and their daughter Blue Ivy moved to a villa worth $45 million, with 6 bedrooms, a spa, an art studio and an Olympic-standard swimming pool.

Both released their 6th album titled “Lemonade” which reached the sales milestone of over one million copies, holding the No.1 position on the Billboard 200 chart.

According to Nielsen Music, in the last week of May “Lemonade” sold 56,000 records, bringing the total number of “sold” records across the United States to 1,051 million. 

Previously, the “queen bee” owned the best-selling album during the diva’s singing career, Dangerously in Love (2013) with more than 5 million copies.

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