Billboard lists Rema’s manager Sean Okeke, others as global top talent managers

Okeke has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to the entertainment field.

Sean Okeke [Instagram/@seanokeke]

Sean Okeke [Instagram/@seanokeke]

Currently serving as the Head of Operations at Jonzing World Entertainment, where he shapes the careers of renowned artists such as Rema and Ruger, Okeke’s influence in the industry is undeniable.

With a distinguished career that began in journalism and later led to the establishment of his own magazine, Super Crush Magazine, Okeke has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to the entertainment field.

He subsequently founded Super Sean Media, a media company specialising in talent management, PR services, and event creation. Over the years, Okeke has organised high-profile events and provided PR services to well-known brands, earning him several prestigious awards for his outstanding achievements.

Okeke’s commitment to nurturing talent and his astute business acumen have solidified his status as a respected and influential figure in the entertainment world. He envisions sharing his extensive industry knowledge through educational classes and workshops in the near future.

Recently, Okeke’s artist, Rema, achieved a historic milestone by winning the Best Afrobeats Song category at the MTV’s Video Music Awards. Rema’s chart-topping hit Calm Down, featuring Selena Gomez, captivated audiences worldwide, showcasing not only Rema’s immense talent but also emphasising the growing influence of African music on the global stage.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Okeke expressed his profound gratitude for being named a Manager to Watch by The Billboard, affirming that witnessing the transformation of raw talent into global sensations is the driving force behind his journey in the industry.

“My journey in this industry has been driven by the hunger to see artists excel at the highest level. The joy of witnessing their growth is what keeps me going!” remarked Okeke.