Britney Spears ‘believes in God again’ as she posts racy snaps with mysterious words about a coffin

Britney Spears “believes in God again” every time she visits a certain tropical location.

The 42-year-old pop superstar – who regained control of her multimillion-dollar fortune and various aspects of her life when a conservatorship governed by her family was terminated in 2021 after 13 years – announced some time ago that she had given up her faith but admitted that it was always restored when she went to a particular destination.

Without revealing the location, Britney shared a series of racy snaps on Instagram and wrote: “What a beautiful treat to myself !!! I believe in God again every time I go to this destination and there probably isn’t another person that feels as blessed as I do every darn time I leave.”

Britney Spears 'believes in God again' as she posts racy snaps with mysterious words about a coffin

The ‘…Baby One More Time’ hitmaker vowed that she would be back to the destination “soon” and finished off her post in a mysterious manner by jokingly wondering why no one was offended when she was “not in the coffin” at her own funeral.

“But I will back sooner this time !!! Game of chess!! When people say we are so happy for you I’m like well how come you all got offended when I wasn’t in the coffin at my funeral ??? Jk !!!”

Her post came just hours after she looked back on her failed marriage to Sam Asghari and admitted love isn’t all “peaches and cream”.

The ‘Toxic’ singer – who was initially married to childhood friend Jason Alexander for a period of 55 hours in early 2004 and then went on to have sons Sean, 18, and Jayden, 17 with second husband Kevin Federline – split from Sam, 30, in 2022 after just over a year of marriage.

She wrote: “The time [Sam] picked me up … It’s weird cause there are always strange turns for relationships with friends family or your loved ones in the [rollercoaster] of any journey you’re on with someone.

“Looking back is hard sometimes but it’s honestly crucial … I’m honestly too sensitive in most situations.

“I speak about my past sometimes because I want to protect myself from the same mistakes as before !!!”

Sometimes I’m scared to feel anything cause I know I’m too sensitive … being numb is the worst I think but there’s safety in that cause I feel like I’m subconsciously protecting myself from feeling any importance at all !!! It’s tricky cause that’s what people can take advantage of. We are such complicated sensitive people.

“I feel like I trusted people more [when I was younger] and I hadn’t experienced the cruelness of the world yet.”

The ‘Crossroads’ star added that she misses being in a relationship, but has to acknowledge that love isn’t always easy.

She added: “I miss being vulnerable and open with people. If you know me, you know how I love … I love too much it’s embarrassing and I will love you for life !!! That’s a trait I want to try and keep but it’s not all peaches and cream as they say …”

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