DL Hughley & Katt Williams PAIR UP To Expose Steve Harvey For SACRIFICING Bernie Mac

In a shocking turn of events, comedians Cat Williams and DL Hughley are opening up about Steve Harvey’s alleged jealousy and attempts to sabotage the late Bernie Mack’s career.

The comedy scene is buzzing with accusations and claims of behind-the-scenes drama that may have impacted the trajectory of one of the original Kings of Comedy.

The saga dates back to 2003 when Bernie Mack spoke candidly with GQ magazine, accusing Steve Harvey of being jealous and trying to snatch movie roles away from him. Bernie claimed that Steve’s crew even attempted to persuade the director of Oceans 11 to cast Steve instead of Bernie. The revelation sent shockwaves through the industry, prompting questions about the authenticity of the camaraderie among the Kings of Comedy.

Bernie Mack, known for his unfiltered honesty, didn’t mince words when addressing Steve’s alleged ego in the GQ interview. He pointed out instances during Kings of Comedy shows where Steve would seemingly prioritize himself over others, particularly when introducing his fellow comedians.

Fast forward to 2010, a couple of years after Bernie’s passing, and Steve Harvey denied Bernie’s accusations during an interview on Conversations with Ed Gordon. Steve claimed he was upset about the GQ article, asserting that it wasn’t true and that he and Bernie had shared many good times together.

However, recent statements from comedians in the know suggest a different narrative. Cory Holcomb, who used to warm up the crowd for Bernie, went on a rant claiming that Steve only secured the top spot because he played politics with producers. Holcomb alleges that Steve’s rise to fame involved cozying up to industry bigwigs and, in turn, throwing his friends under the bus.

DL Hughley, in a Vlad TV interview, confirmed that issues between Steve and Bernie were a significant factor in the failure of Kings of Comedy 2. Hughley expressed disappointment that Bernie chose to step away from the project, citing Steve’s purported interference.

Cat Williams, however, took the accusations to a new level during a recent interview with Shannon Sharp. Williams accused Steve of attempting to steal Bernie’s movie roles and questioned Steve’s credibility. Williams went as far as claiming that Steve lied about being homeless and questioned his fidelity in relationships.

Williams also disputed Steve’s claim of ending his stand-up career due to a busy schedule with seven TV shows. According to Williams, Steve stopped doing stand-up after losing a comedy battle in Detroit where Williams exposed Steve’s alleged wig.

As these explosive claims surface, fans are now questioning the authenticity of Steve Harvey’s rise to fame, with some speculating that he might have played a role in Bernie Mack’s demise. The comedy community is divided, and social media is abuzz with debates over the legitimacy of these allegations.

The story continues to unfold, leaving fans curious about the truth behind the laughter and camaraderie of the original Kings of Comedy. As the comedy world grapples with these revelations, it raises broader questions about the dynamics and challenges within the entertainment industry.