Katt Williams REVEALS How Wanda Smith Was HIRED To TAKE HIM DOWN

Comedian Katt Williams recently revealed that radio host Wanda Smith was specifically hired to bring him down.

Williams, who had a famous on-air altercation with Smith in 2018,

disclosed this shocking information during a recent interview.

The incident occurred when Williams appeared as a guest on a radio show hosted by Smith,

and the interview quickly turned into a heated exchange.

According to Williams, the entire situation was a set-up orchestrated by certain individuals who wanted to see him fail. He claimed that Smith’s presence on the show was not a mere coincidence but a deliberate move to provoke him.

Williams further suggested that Smith’s intention was to incite a negative reaction from him, which would then be used to tarnish his reputation. This revelation sheds light on the underlying motives behind the incident, which garnered significant media attention at the time.

The comedian’s disclosure raises questions about the authenticity of such encounters in the entertainment industry and the role of manipulation and sabotage. Williams’ belief that he was deliberately targeted by individuals who wished to undermine his success adds another layer of complexity to the incident.


It is essential to critically analyze such incidents and carefully consider the narratives presented in the media. This revelation serves as a reminder that not everything is as it seems and that behind the scenes, there may be hidden agendas at play. Katt Williams’ experience with Wanda Smith highlights the potential challenges faced by public figures, shedding light on the importance of remaining vigilant in an industry where fame and success can attract both genuine support and calculated attempts to bring one down.



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