Kelly Ripa’s racy s.e.x confessions – on-set romp, daughter walking in and public toilet

Kelly Ripa and her hubby Mark Consuelo are the dream team when hosting Live and she is often getting in trouble for her racy comments on air about their at-home antics

Kelly Ripa turns 53 years old today and is well known for hosting Live! alongside her husband Mark Consuelo.

Kelly has worked on the show for 22 years and has had multiple co-hosts her most recent being her beloved hubby. In her years on the show, Kelly has landed herself in hot water a few times for making a racy remark or two.

Whilst being on air Kelly has been warned to “Keep it clean” by Mark and over the years she has given fans an insight into their intimate life together.

Here at Daily Star, we have decided to celebrate Kelly’s birthday by having a look at some of Kelly and Mark’s raunchiest S.e.x confessions.

S.e.x at Andy Cohen’s house

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have given fans some cheeky confessions over the years (Image: Instagram)

Kelly once left her close friend Andy Cohen gobsmacked when she admitted that she had S.e.x in his bed. On an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen she played a made-up game called Have You Schtupped There.

When asked the star if she had ever gotten frisky in his house, Kelly confirmed that they had and explained that it happened in his vacation home in Fire Island, New York. Gobsmacked, Andy replied: “That was a day trip!” to which Kelly cheeky explained that she didn’t feel bad because it was a rental. She explained: “I figured I wasn’t desecrating anything that you own.”

Public bathroom and onset romps

They are not averse to a racy public romp (Image: Instagram)

In the same interview, Kelly also admitted that she and Mark aren’t afraid to get frisky in public. As well as admitting to sleeping together at Andy Cohen’s house she also admitted to having S.e.x in a public bathroom and on the set of All My Children.

The former soap star told Cohen: “I think we found each other at the right time in our lives. … We were really pliable to each other. We really learned each other well. With that comes a certain level of comfort and confidence and experimentation and just fun.”

Embarrassing walk-in

Kelly and Mark suffered an awkward moment with their daughter (Image: ABC)

Kelly and Mark suffered a bit of an embarrassing moment when their daughter Lola walked in on them getting intimate – on her own 18th birthday. Kelly said that her daughter said: “Thanks for ruining my birthday. And thanks for ruining my life.

“I used to see in colour, and now everything is gray.” When Lola moved back home after university her parents sat her down and explained the importance of knocking.

Mark explained while guest hosting Live With Kelly and Ryan in January 2023: “She’s so excited to be living with us again because it’s her last semester in college. I said, ‘Lola, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, I’m very excited that you are home.

They said they spoke to their daughter about knocking before walking in (Image: Instagram)

“We missed you. You are the heart of this family. You’re so funny and you’re just fantastic — but you gotta knock. Because at this point, anything you walk in on is your problem.”

He then added: “Well, be warned Lola Conseulos. Cause this week’s freaky week, isn’t it? Yeah, this is Jan. 30. We’re going to get freaky this week.”

Kelly says he’s “mean” after S.e.x

Kelly made a joke that he’s “mean” (Image: Copyright zz/RE/Westcom/STAR MAX/IPx 2023)

Kelly once joked that her husband is “mean” to he after they have S.e.x. During an episode of Live she said: “He’s immediately mean to me afterwards, and I don’t like that!”

“I think it’s bizarre. He becomes short with me. You know what I mean? Like irritated. And I’m like, ‘Oh, now you’re irritated? You were so loving three minutes ago!’”

Her comments made headlines and Kelly claimed that she was joking. Mark took it well and said he found the whole thing “funny.” He explained: “I didn’t refute it because I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. … I just wanted to set the record straight that no one can be mean after something if they are unconscious. I sleep.”

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