Naira Marley and Sam Larry granted ₦20 million bail by magistrate court

They were remanded to police custody a month ago in relation to the Mohbad case.

Evidence links Naira Marley, Sam Larry with cyberbullying, assault of Mohabd - Police. [ChannelsTV]

Evidence links Naira Marley, Sam Larry with cyberbullying, assault of Mohabd – Police. [ChannelsTV]

Punch reports that a Magistrate’s Court in Yaba, Lagos State granted the bail, subject to three obligations on Monday, November 6, 2023.

Marley and Larry are therefore required to surrender their international passports to ensure that they remain in Nigeria and they are also expected to make weekly appearances at the State Criminal Investigation Department.

The magistrate, Adeola Olatunbosun, noted that any attempts to contact her in regards to the case would be recorded and potentially disclosed in the court proceedings.

The singer and the socialite were remanded to police custody for 21 days on October 6, 2023, after being linked to the cyberstalking, bullying and assault of the late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Aloba aka Mohbad. Mohbad died under mysterious circumstances on September 12, 2023, throwing the nation into a state of grief for weeks after.

After being remanded by the Nigeria police, Marley and Larry sued the police for ₦20 million each in damages for the prolonged detention in their custody

The document submitted read, “Their travails started between October 3 and 4, 2023, when they were apprehended by the police on alleged connection with the death of Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad. On October 4, 2023, the Commissioner of Police sought an order in the Magistrates’ Court at Yaba to remand them for 30 days. Chief Magistrate Adeola Olatunbosun granted the police application to remand them for 21 days in police custody. The 21-day remand order granted by Chief Magistrate Olatunbosun lapsed on October 26, 2023, and has not been renewed.”

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