Nigerian Artist Rema Alleges DJ Released Old Song Without Consent

The vocalist took to Twitter before the weekend hit, calling out DJ Neptune for releasing a track he lent vocals to, allegedly without being paid.

Nigerian artist Rema poses for a photo


, the Nigerian singer behind hits like “Dumebi,” was surprised to see a song he previously recorded released on Friday.

The vocalist took to Twitter before the weekend hit, calling out DJ Neptune for releasing a track he lent vocals to, allegedly without being paid or signing documentation. The song, “For You,” was released as part of Neptune’s latest 16-track record Greatness 2.0.

“With all due respect chief! Dropped my old record without due process?!! I’m not happy at all,” Rema started the rant, tagging the DJ. “Don’t violate the codes, can’t drop my song without my notice, can’t even remember the last time we spoke big bro, I pleaded with my manager behind the scenes when y’all tagged me before it dropped, y’all still went ahead! c’mon nau!”

Rema continued, sharing that he doesn’t want the DJ to “ride on my humility,” and that “there are some things I can’t be talked out of and number 1 is my ART.

“Lastly, TAKE MY SHIT DOWN! I’m finna make new enemies after this, but God big pass INDUSTRY… This GAME has slapped me too many times on the cheek, I dey quiet because i get people interest to protect and a family to feed. Abeg I sabi mind my business but make nobody vex me o.”

In response to a radio host who called Rema out for how he was handling the conflict, Rema claimed that the pair “didn’t record it together, neither was I paid, neither did I sign any document, neither did the producer ask for my consent before releasing my stems.”

Neptune was quick to respond to Rema’s accusations, sharing an alleged text conversation he had with Sean Okeke (Rema’s manager), in which he got permission to send over information pertaining to the collab in September before discussing the possibility of a music video.

After that, he uploaded alleged email documentation of his correspondence with Rema’s team and shared an open letter with his fans, in which he denies any wrongdoing. He further explains that if he were to remove the song, his album would have to be taken down with it. According to Neptune, the fault was on Rema’s team.

“I would like to categorically state that I am not in any way upset with Rema as it is obvious that proper information was not passed across to him through his available channels, and as a respectable human being, I only felt it was just normal for me to follow due process in anything I do and that was the step taken.”

Rema’s manager responded to the statement and issued an apology, writing that “since an official approval was not released nor split sheets signed, I felt the song won’t be released anymore.” Rema then returned to Twitter, claiming that he and Neptune are hoping to work together in the future.

“I tried to stop it all behind closed doors for months and I wasn’t listened to, as my record went public so did I,” Rema wrote. “Any Agenda held after this statement is based off your personal emotion towards me. Me and [Neptune] are good and we gonna drop dem bangers when it’s time.