Style evolution: Miley Cyrus and her drastic change

The famous singer Miley Cyrus is known for her great changes and transformations of looks . Throughout her artistic career she has gone through various styles, from a sweet girl to a more punk girl. Below we show you her great transformations, analyzing her successes and failures in her different styles.

Miley Cyrus' style evolution
Miley Cyrus

The “Hannah Montana” stage

Miley Cyrus embodied the duality between the life of an ordinary teenager and the dazzling fame of a pop star. Her style in the series was a reflection of that double life, adopting a sweet, youthful and, at the same time, dazzling appearance when she was on stage as the fictional singer.

Hannah Montana’s super closet was everything a 13-year-old girl could want. It was full of bright, colorful and striking clothes that highlighted the most extravagant and pop side of her. Outfits with glitter, sequins, ruffled skirts and ultra-colorful accessories were an essential part of her signature outfit. This aesthetic captured the essence of youth pop that remained in tune with the spirit of the series.

Miley’s role as Hannah Montana influenced her personal style during those years. Playing a character with the same name in the series and in real life created some confusion between her fictional identity and her reality. The challenge of distinguishing between the two spheres was reflected in her daily life, as Miley wore costumes similar to those of her character, both at public events and in her private life.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus at Disney

As Miley grew older, there was a gradual transition from her youthful image in the series to a more mature and authentic style in real life. This stage marked the beginning of her stylistic evolution, where she began to move away from the youth star stereotype to explore a more relaxed and bohemian fashion. Her transformation became a search for her personal identity, embracing a more independent fashion in accordance with her tastes and preferences.

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As we said, her second change was in 2008, the artist was already a worldwide celebrity at that time. At this time Miley stars in her own film: “Hannah Montana: The movie” . The singer already has a more adult image, and we see her on catwalks wearing dresses from great designers, such as Roberto Cavalli . This was Miley’s last stage as a “ Disney girl ”, since in 2010 the last episode of Hanna Montana was filmed, and the artist continued with her artistic career as a singer.

The evolution of Miley Cyrus' styleThe evolution of Miley Cyrus’ style

The “Wrecking Ball” era: from Disney girl to woman

This stage marked a radical transformation in Miley Cyrus’ public image. Here, the world witnessed the transition from a youthful star to a more daring and rebellious woman. The music video for “Wrecking Ball” was a milestone in her career and symbolized this drastic change. Her style became more provocative and challenging, completely moving away from the innocent image of “Hannah Montana.”

It was in 2013 when the singer revealed herself and gave a total change to her style. With the release of her album De ella Bangerz , to which her well-known song De ella We ca n’t stop belongs . The singer begins to wear a punk style , with which she wants to break all the rules and show that she is no longer a girl.

The evolution of Miley Cyrus' styleMiley Cyrus breaking up with Disney

In this phase, Miley adopted a more daring and liberated look , expressing herself through avant-garde outfits, often showing a generous amount of skin. Radical haircuts, such as the pixie haircut, and her daring fashion choices were recurring topics in the press. Tight clothing, lingerie sets and avant-garde styles marked her presence on the public scene, challenging the norms and conventions of the entertainment industry.

A highlight was her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, where her provocative and controversial performance generated a strong public reaction. This event placed her at the epicenter of numerous discussions about the evolution of her image, and her style became a symbol of youthful rebellion and authenticity.

Her transition from youthful sweetness to a more wild expression was evident in every detail, from her change of outfit to her attitude. This stage not only left a mark on her style, but also symbolized her desire to shed other people’s expectations and embrace a more authentic and free version of herself.

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The evolution of Miley Cyrus' styleMiley Cyrus in Flowers

The return to a more mature style: current Miley

Currently Miley has just released her new single “Flowers”, which has come loaded with hints to her ex. In 2016 she was announced as a coach on the Voice of America, and there we were able to see her crazier style transition to more relaxed ones. Throughout the season, she wore a variety of colorful and fun outfits that we loved.

<b>Style evolution:</b> Miley Cyrus and her drastic change MileyMiley as coach

As for his music, little by little he abandoned the party pop that he had accustomed us to, moving back to folk. This was also reflected in his style. While she was promoting her album “Younger Now” we could often see her wearing denim jackets, white t-shirts and denim shorts along with scarves and cowboy hats.

On the other hand, she has never given up her passion for great styles and sequins at big events. We spotted her at Gucci’s Endless Summer Vacation event, where she dazzled in a black sequin mini dress and a teal faux fur coat. The accessories? A silver bag, heels and sunglasses for an ultra cool look. Or also at the Versace FW23 Show, the young singer attended the show wearing a black and pink dress with silver chain details. A perfect combination of elegance and rebellion that will surely be a trend.

<b>Style evolution:</b> Miley Cyrus and her drastic change MileyMiley FW23 Versace

Now opt for more refined and versatile garments, showing a wide variety of styles. From elegant suits to more casual vibes, he has managed to merge fashion with his own identity, maintaining a fresh and authentic air. Her music, now more mature and with more introspective lyrics, is reflected in her style, transmitting a message of confidence and self-expression.

The evolution of his image lies not only in his way of dressing, but also in his attitude and artistic approach. Through a combination of styles, Miley has made an impact on the fashion and music industries, inspiring her fans to embrace authenticity and freedom of expression.

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No matter how you discovered her, Miley Cyrus is a name that instantly resonates. From her Disney days with “Hannah Montana” to her current success with “Flowers,” her talent goes beyond her voice, reflecting in her striking style.

What will be the next look that you will surprise us with? And of the ones you’ve worn, which style was your favorite?

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