The all-neutral street style of star Jennifer Lawrence

To dress beautifully without much effort, women should refer to Jennifer Lawrence’s style.

Jennifer Lawrence was the highest paid actress in the world for 2 consecutive years (2015 – 2016). Despite being rich,  Jennifer Lawrence ‘s fashion style  is quite simple.

The actress often walks down the street with outfit sets that revolve around neutral tones, and are made up of basic items, such as t-shirts, jeans or elegant shirts. If you love simple yet stylish style, don’t miss actress Jennifer Lawrence’s streetwear sets.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 1.
Jennifer Lawrence wears a very youthful and comfortable outfit including a white T-shirt and straight-leg jeans. Mesh shoes are the highlight of the outfit, while still ensuring color harmony. The leather handbag does not take up much space, but helps increase the overall elegance.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 2.
Even when wearing a tank top, Jennifer Lawrence still scores elegance points. The reason is because she cleverly combined a tank top with striped pants and high-heeled sandals. When accentuating a gold necklace and eyeglasses, Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance becomes even more sparkling.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 3.
Black T-shirt and blue jeans are an outfit combo that is both youthful and stylish. Instead of wearing standing shoes, white sneakers are a more suitable choice for weekend walks. These shoes also score points for femininity and elegance.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 4.

White dresses are a fashion item not to be missed on summer days. Not only does it bring a cool feeling, a white dress also helps the wearer complete a sophisticated and elegant appearance. The beige sandals Jennifer Lawrence chose are the perfect piece of the outfit. This shoe model gives optimal figure-flattering results.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 5.
Even when wearing an all-black outfit, Jennifer Lawrence still stands out. She combined a boat neck crop top with a slit skirt, then mule shoes. This outfit set will “hack” your tall figure. In addition, the outfit also exudes charm and elegance, ideal for evening dates.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 6.

Simple but still stylish and eye-catching is the beige two-strap dress set. The rough fabric material creates a light, cool feeling, suitable for wearing on hot days. The flat sandals are very suitable for the liberal and youthful look of the outfit.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 7.
The brown dress model accentuates the charm of the wearer. This set of dresses also flatters the skin effectively. In order not to reduce the elegance of the outfit, Jennifer Lawrence combined the dress with tone-on-tone sandals and a neutral handbag.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 8.
Cargo pants are a very “hot” fashion item this year. Women can wear this item in a simple way that still stands out, by combining it with a white t-shirt and adorning a tie-waist shirt like Jennifer Lawrence’s recipe. Leather handbags and strappy sandals are trendy highlights of the outfit.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 9.
The white T-shirt and beige pants formula is very simple, but always elegant. The act of tucking in will elevate your outfit and at the same time effectively enhance your figure. This is an outfit combo that looks beautiful on anyone, giving women even more reasons to consider it.

Jennifer Lawrence's all-neutral street style - Photo 10.
Jennifer Lawrence is youthful and outstanding when applying the formula of striped shirt + slacks. The outfit creates a comfortable feeling when walking around, but still has elegance and sophistication.

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