A guide to Brooklyn Beckham’s tattoos dedicated to Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola PeltzBrooklyn Beckham has dozens and dozens of tattoos in honor of wife Nicola Peltz.brooklynpeltzbeckham/Instagram

When it comes to wife Nicola Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham quite literally wears his heart on his sleeve.

The son of David and Victoria Beckham married the Palm Beach heiress in an extravagant ceremony on April 9, 2022 — and his love for his spouse is inked all over.

The aspiring chef revealed that a whopping 70 of his 100 tattoos are dedicated to his bride, with designs ranging from her name and her mother’s rosary to a literal love letter on his back.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz
Beckham often shows his love with body art.brooklynpeltzbeckham/Instagram

While most of those tats have yet to be revealed, Beckham and his bride have given fans a glimpse of quite a few of them on social media.

Below, we take a look at Beckham’s extensive collection of Peltz-themed ink.

Nicola’s portrait and wedding song lyrics


The Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube

The proud husband revealed his latest tattoo on a March 2023 episode of “The Jennifer Hudson Show,” showing off a huge illustration of his wife’s face on his upper arm. He went on to explain that below the striking portrait, he added a sentimental musical memory.

“I actually got on the same day some of the lyrics to the song that … she walked down the aisle to,” he told the talk show host.



Brooklyn Beckham
Amid Page Six’s report of a feud between Peltz and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn had his marital status inked on his hand, revealing on Instagram that he “surprised [his] baby” with the word “married” in August 2022.

Wedding vows


Brooklyn Beckham
Some couples might have their wedding vows printed out and framed, but Beckham took it to the next level by having them inked down his arm.

Part of the vows read, “Let me start by saying that words cannot even describe my love for you just looking at you I see my future and it feels like a dream. You are my world and I continue to fall more in love with you every single day.”

Love letter and eyes


During their engagement in 2020, Beckham had his bride-to-be’s eyes tattooed on the back of his neck, later getting a sweet note she wrote him inked underneath in early 2021.

The lengthy latter tattoo reads, in part: “My forever boy. Read this anytime you feel anxious. I want you to know how deeply loved you are. You have the kindest heart I’ve ever met and I hope I never go a day without your love.”

As for the numbers in between, they’re the geographic coordinates of London’s Portland Hospital, where Beckham was born on March 4, 1999.

Left-hand tattoo tributes


Brooklyn Beckham hand
Most guys wear a wedding ring to show off their marital status. Beckham not only wears a blingy band, but also has his wife’s first initial inked on his ring finger along with a heart.

The aspiring chef also had the word “lover” tattooed on his index finger by his go-to tattoo artist, Dr. Woo, in December 2021, but his left-hand tributes don’t stop there.

At the top of his hand, he has “Nicola Anne Peltz” just above the word “baby” and below a block of text that reads, in part, “Love of my life” and “my protector.”



Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz

Beckham has his wife’s name tattooed on his neck in simple script, along with the words “my baby” above it.



Brooklyn Beckham
The proud hubby had his wife’s surname inked on his chest in July 2022, getting “Peltz” tattooed in huge letters between the existing Cupids he had done in tribute to his dad’s similar angel tats.



Brooklyn Beckham arm tattoo
The “Transformers” actress lost her beloved grandmother, Gina, in 2020 — the night before Peltz’s 25th birthday — and her sweet husband-to-be stepped in with a tattoo dedicated to the special lady in his fiancée’s life as a touching birthday gift.

“Best birthday gift,” she wrote on her Instagram Story, showing off a photo of her husband’s fresh ink.

Gina’s prayer


Brooklyn Beckham tattoo
Two years later, Peltz received another birthday surprise when her husband revealed a second tattoo tribute to Gina: the words of a prayer her grandmother held dear.

The moving piece of body art, located on the left side of his torso, reads, “Focused in the present, sincere towards others and trusting in our self, know that you cannot fail.”

“He got gina’s prayer tattooed,” Peltz wrote on her Story along with an emotional emoji. “she passed two years ago today @brooklynbeckham you’re my soulmate.”

“My life”


Brooklyn Beckham art tattoo
It was another day, another tattoo reveal when Peltz posted a photo of her love’s newest ink on her Instagram Story in January 2021.

“Forever my person @brooklynbeckham” she wrote next to a snapshot of the piece, which stretches up his right arm and reads, “My life, my love, my truth, my breath, my reason, my beauty, my precious.” Her birthday, January 9, is inked below the sweet sentiment.

Rosary beads


Brooklyn Beckham
The doting husband hasn’t left out his new mother-in-law when it comes to body art. In a series of August 2022 Instagram photos, fans can spot the string of rosary beads inked around his wrist – they’re a rendition of the rosary beads that belong to Peltz’s mom, Claudia.

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