Mike Tyson was ‘karate master’ who used a ‘peekaboo’ style of boxing to become the sport’s most feared fighter

MIKE TYSON was a ‘karate master’ who used a ‘peekaboo’ style of boxing, according to expert Jesse Enkamp.

Iron Mike dominated the heavyweight division during the 1980s and 90s.

Winning his first world title aged just 20, Tyson bamboozled opponents for over a decade, and was known for his ferocious power.

But according to popular karate expert and YouTuber Jesse Enkamp, Iron Mike was also a master of of the martial art.

Enkamp said on his YouTube channel: “To be honest, old school boxing looks very similar to traditional karate, because both are done without any protection (bare-knuckles), and you don’t really use any rules.”

He also added: “As I like to say, don’t be a martial artist… be a ‘smartial’ artist.

“Mike Tyson is a karate master.”

Enkamp enlisted the help of boxing trainer Jay Elder to help his theory.

But Elder didn’t necessarily agree with all of his suggestions.

He said: “That means Tyson’s got to be quicker than the other person because he’s further away (from them), but he’s rolling off his shoulders and his hips to throw.

“It’s a lot more square.

“He’s incredibly fast, and if you watch he’s just bobbing, rolling and throwing. I’ve never seen that in karate.”

With Enkamp repeatedly needing to be told to keep his head down, Elder adds: “That’s a karate habit, because you want to keep your head back. So the chin is a little bit up.

“That’s a huge difference between karate and boxing.”

He then explains: “Because you kick in karate, you have to have a more upright body.

“You need the space to kick.

“Whereas boxing, I’m not going to throw my legs.

“It’s different. In boxing, you’ve got to almost sit.”

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