Taylor Swift’s devastating look at Jo Koy’s unfunny Golden Globes joke became an instant meme

Cory Woodroof

January 7, 2024 8:59 pm ET

Comedian Jo Koy’s unfunny 2024 Golden Globes monologue didn’t do well with the viewers at home or in attendance at the Beverly Hilton, and musician Taylor Swift might’ve given Koy his harshest review.

When Koy took a dig at NFL game broadcasts showing Swift in attendance at various Kansas City Chiefs contests this year because of her dating tight end Travis Kelce, the camera cut to Swift looking very unamused and taking a sip of her drink.

It was the kind of blunt reaction that said a thousand words, as everyone who saw it could feel the annoyance from Swift at Koy’s joke.

We get it; if you’re going to joke about Swift while she’s in the room, could you at least make it even remotely funny?

Koy’s night was just not going well, and now he’s got one of the more devastating reactions from a guest in an awards crowd in some time.

You just know this glance is going to turn into a meme; Swift was right to give that look.