Brittany Mahomes’ Very Provocative Bathing Suit Photos Cause A Stir

Brittany Mahomes’ Very Provocative Bathing Suit Photos Cause A Stir

Brittany Mahomes has become the most popular and polarizing wife in the entire NFL over the past few years.

Originally, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were the league’s undisputed King and Queen. But since their separation and the former’s retirement from football, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes have quietly supplanted them.

In recent months Brittany has set the internet ablaze for everything ranging from her wild boat party photos to her encounter with Post Malone to her hard partying ways after the Kansas City Chiefs’ most recent Super Bowl win.

This week, she did it again.

A series of very provocative bathing suit photos featuring Brittany surfaced online. They left an immediate impression:


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Fan reactions flowed in quickly:

“Brittany you are so beautiful,” one person wrote.

“Wow you could not have had two babies. You work really hard, don’t you?” another fan chimed in.

“Of my,” a third person agreed.

Big picture, Brittany is pretty used to creating a hubbub at this point. Between her icy exchange with Patrick at a recent public outing, her intimate Halloween costume and her being accused of tipping off the paparazzi in regards to Taylor Swift, it is one thing after another with her.

For whatever reason, people simply cannot get enough of Brittany and Patrick’s love story:


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Four months into 2024, Brittany is already having the most fruitful year of her life.

It will be interesting to see what the next eight months have in stock for her.

What will Brittany ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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